Her Royal Blue-ness

May 11, 2009

First and foremost, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mummys or mummys-soon-to-be out there! Muacks! <3

I’m so happy Marni is finally releasing the spring collection of Royal Blue! I’ve been one of those lusting after the collection after looking at the endless teasers she was posting on plurk. Yea the teasers have been tortuous hahaz. I was absolutely blown away by the Spring Bum *hehehez this name is cute too* skirt from this new collection. The entire skirt is filled with beautifully scrulpted flowers. One word that left hanging on my mouth when I tried it was a simple wow! The royal blue collection would be avaliable in stores sometime soon so keep an eye on the blog or SOM :) Another highlight of the week would be the return of Sayuri Cremorne. Sugarcube is bustling with activity again! XD The top of the not square dress (which has a pretty bubble skirt not shown below), seem to flow perfectly with the royal blue skirt or rather bum *hehehez*. The bangle is one I grabbed after reading dearest Nil’s blog. I think that Naith Smit should create more jewellery, which he obviously has a huge talent for :)  A word of caution to anyone buying it, the bangle is no copy and adjusted to fit men wrist. Its fairly simple to shrink it to fit the female AV but do be careful cause its like no copy? hehez. Even so, the bangle is worth the trouble.

Speaking about dearest Nil Giha, who has been like MIA in SL for the past 3 weeks…. Bugsie! I miss you and your randomness. Come back from RL when  you can okie! I dun care if you have to make me hungry at 3am again to come back XD. Hope you are well! Muacks! Lurve ya! <3

Photoshop Music: Marie Digby – Breathing Underwater



Hair: =TEKUTEKU= naughty(black)

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] April-Iris 1

Top: (Part of) ::SUGARCUBE – not square dress(ink-cake)

Skirt: (Royal Blue) Spring Bum in Nior Rose

Bangle: (NS) wrist Band Rock’n’Rolla


Hairband: *UnTone* snowdrop-yuki no hana-headband

Shoes: (Shiny Things) Tuli Pumps – black

I got sick of dressing winter. So this one is for SEA and Aussie friends out there :D

I was just hanging out in Reiko’s backyard the other day, but I looked like I’m dress for a summer party on the beach :P Hahaz. I’m like forever overdressed for occasions in SL. Nothing much to write since my brain seem dead today.  As usual, lots of layering in this outfit. I wish LL would give us one more top and bottom clothing layers. It would be Layering Heaven! ( * _ * )

Sorry guys, this is a photoshopped pic cause I was bored before lecture.



Hair: ETD- Charley Blond

Tube: (RB) Body Con Is Not Dead in Royal Signiture

Belt: ~silentsparrow~  bird on a wire waist cincher (group freebie)

Jacket: Luna mcMillan – Painte me in black Jacket

Shorts: ZC :  1 Mitya shorts *black*

Necklaces: Shampoooo – Clock Necklace & *UnTone* – snowdrop-yuki no hana- necklace