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May 2, 2009

Anuenue. Oh gosh, the beaded tunic shown below is simply irresistable. If you’re familiar with the Paranakan’s history, you would know that beaded slippers are one of the items a nonya wear to complete her Sarong Kebaya outfit. (psst psst if you are stopping by Malacca in the near future, there is a store there that sells AWESOME custom made beaded shoes). The beading on the anuenue tunic shown below simply remind me of that. I was really drawn to the details on this shirt. It may not be obvious from a far but zooming in, you could see the intrinsic details, from the pattern to the awesome colour combination of blue, red, green, gold, Marea Kirax has provided.

The rest of the outfit was simply put together with a “kawaii” theme in mind.  The chocolates and keychain was from this small shop located at the corner of CIOCCOLATA. Its so hidden that extremely blind people like me could miss it. Thankies Uma, Stokki and Anya for bringing me there! whee! Djunk is a store I read from Gogo’s post. It is a 3 level building with everything free. Yes you read right! Every single thing in the shop is free! Its super awesome for the creator to use 180 prims (Malte Counted!) to provide us with such wodnerful clothing. Thank you! Lastly, the shoes are from 50 flats. I really love the colours of this new set of flats by Ding. They really pop! I love the texture too as it seems to give the shoes a slight shine… That’s it for now! Enjoy your Sunday! <3<3



Hair: +*gl*+dolls+Hunting cap platinum

Skin: – BEBAE – Delilah *Cinna (Group Gift)

Shirt: “anuenue.beadsTunic-Yellow

Undershirt: =IZUMIYA=Stray Cat Shirt (Green)

Shorts: **nikukyu** stripe_shortpants(brown)

Keychain: nuco* keyholder (free)

Necklace: .+*AA*+.Layered flower necklace *black (modded)

Bangle: *Fishy Strawberry* Istanbul Bangles

Bag: Djunk Easy- handbags (free)

Food: *:.UchU.:* Star /Choco only

Socks: Djunk TARVIKE happiness socks yellow (free)

Shoes: 50 Flats-Scale-Green/Rust

Pose by AnaLu

It’s Already Spring?

March 5, 2009

Well I finally finish all my stressful stuff for the week and went on a mega Japanese shop shopping spree today. This outfit is the result of 6 hrs of shopping. *ever heard of shop till youSLdrop? :P * The inspiration of this outfit came is the balloon dress from .:i *Towa* i:. , a little shop with a small range of clothes at the moment. I fell in love with it after nil’s post (her blog is one of my current obssessions ;) ) a few days ago. The designs are unique and the clothes are well made and affordable. If nil hasn’t convinced you to make avisit to the shop… ermm *kicks butt*…

Apparently its spring already O_O. I added a tinge of colour with this skirt, a part of the dress from NX. I love the prim flower by the side of the skirt. The bulky prim seem to make the skirt appear to be “blown upwards” by the wind, whee! Plus its a freebie, double whoopee! Till this day, I’m still amazed by the generosity of designers :) Lastly, apologies for clogging the feed with more apollon hats, they are simple just too divine to be left in the inventory… <3 hope you like it!

Its already spring?


Skin: Redgrave – Ashley

Hair: Maitreya Piper II – White

Shirt: (part of) .:i *Towa* i:.  balloon dress < black >

Skirt: (part of) Nardya Noir No.5 Prim Skirt Aqua (freebie)

Hat: (part of) Apollon/Homburg hat set01

Brooch: *PERSONA* Nola brooch-feather – grey

Belt: black_belt**nikukyu** (freebie in MNK shop)

Shoes: Maitreya SoHo Boots ‘Black Suede’