Opposites Attract

June 17, 2009

Hot vs Cold
Sunny vs Gloomy
The Geek vs The Party Girl

That was what came into my mind while putting together this outfit. 

I’ve fallen back to the basic colour, black again with some red and gold to serve as contrast in this outfit. The skirt is a new release from the infamous “This is a Fawn”. (Thanks OMGWTF Barbecue <3) System skirts seem to be “endangered” in the fashion world. This vintage skirt was really well made and I was happy to abandon my prim skirts for a day to wear it. It comes in 5 awesome and striking colours and a definite staple in our summer wardrobes. Well, gotta love freebies. The jacket is a freebie from, Wave and the shirt is part of the freebie bag at v9. I think I’ve been spoilt by designers too much with prim cuffs such that when I see a jacket like this that don’t have any, the skinny and tight ends of the jacket causes my itchy fingers to type cuff and search for a perfect cuff to match the ends. I ended up falling back on an old favourite of mine, from bijou’s domani set which is a freebie avaliable at the shop. The gloves are part of a dress set from the shop kyccie. This shop offers a beautiful selection of girly and formal dresses, one of which I would showcase in my next post. Lastly, the bracelet is by the ever wonderful Naith Smith. The rosary bracelet not only wraps around your hand, it even have a tiny cross sitting in the palm of your hands. O__O << my expression when he told me about it. XD  Lurve it for its originality and creativity! <3

Anyways, ESME MILENA MADE MORE POSES. WOOT!! *smooches* I lurve them so much! Thankies! ZOMG you rock at making poses alright! :D 



Hair: IrEn – Paris (blacks)

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] April-Tulip 1

Shirt: ::LoveDOT:: Graphic Tanks – Love Roc Boys Shirt (Part of v9 freebie bag)


Jacket: .:*W.:*jacket stripe black&gold (freebie)

Skirt: This is a Fawn – Vintage Skirt [black]

Gloves: K’s FD-04 -Eternal- *dark* Gloves

Leggings: **THE CLOSET**MeshLeggingsBLK

Cuffs: :bijou: Domani armparts

Glasses: *ottico* FreeGlasses

Lashes: Silhouette Lashes: DANGEROUS

Ribbon: *ICING* Night Mist Waist Bow

Bangle: (NS) Hand Rosary

Bag: +plus *Rock Clutch* in Black

Scarf: Maitreya Long Scarf * Sepia

Necklace: ::: B@R ::: Chibi Denim Necklace

Shoes: *Kookie * Ella Petite flats Noir

Pose by Esme Milena <3

Recyling Fun

March 31, 2009

This outfit started with the Ibizzare pea coat which I picked up at a sale recently. I really love the colour but alas! a season too late. Indeed, winter outfits.. they are bought and worn over a period of 3-4 months, then left forgotten, buried in the depths of our inventory. In reality, we have an excuse of not using them. However, in SL, the pharse “Death by Heatstroke” is missing from out vocabulary. Why not recycle them and make them spring-like?




Hair: .+*Juju*+.Darkbrown [MS]

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] Lovely-Olive Branch 1

Coat: Ibizarre Pea Coat (wine)


Tights: !Doux Petit Dahl – Crochet Tights PINK

Corsage: :bijou: *FREE*DIVA ribboncorsage (slightly modded)


Shoes: Gbberish** Twin Hearts Wedges (Tangerine)

Let’s Shop in Style

March 5, 2009

Just a casual look which I was sporting while hopping round the grid today. From the shorts to the necklace, this is exactly something I would wear in RL.  In fact, I’m wearing something like this while typing this post :P

MNK is another Japanese store I discovered from creator’s pavilion *Gosh I love those events*. Their clothes are really versatile and feminine, perfect for this girly girl. For 90L i got like 4 options for these striped pants- a pair of shorts (which I’m wearing here), a pair of pants, and a pair of half – pants. The tableau sim which was recently reopened is simply bursting with colours, seemingly welcoming our bright and colourful spring yay! This necklace is from (yummy), the accessories shop owned by Nylon Pinkey located in Tableau. Oh gosh, I am simply attracted to the details in this necklace. From the lovely charms to the carefully done beads… its really the sort of necklaces I love to don on in RL. A closer look of the necklace is shown in the 2nd picture below. The inner shirt is a new release from the wonderful M&R cupcakes. Mimi and Rosemary never disappoint me in their new releases. *whee!* The lace on this particular top seem to remind me of the “itchy” yet lovely spagetti strips i bought from Esprit a few years back. Aren’t you glad that fashion is not a “pain” in SL? <3<3




Hair: Maitreya Piper II – Natural Blonde

Shirt: *CUPCAKES Simple Shimmer Tank – White

Jacket: **DP**naughity jelly besns(olive) (freebie)

Cuffs: (Part of) :bijou: *FREE* Domani (freebie)

Shorts: (part of) **nikukyu** Stripe_PantsSet(brown) (nikukyu and MNK are in the same shop)

Necklace: (Yummy) Portrait Necklace

Shoes: STYLE – Inner Hoochie Shoe – Black


Going Gaga

February 19, 2009

Yea, I mentioned before I don’t walk around the grid with my bra hanging. My bad, i’m such a hypocrite. I blame youtube and Jordan McCoy  for doing such an awesome cover of Lady’s Gaga, Just Dance. Made me just have to do a gaga fan website search and get inspired by the pictures. I’m not really a Gaga fan, just love her songs but not crazy over her. In the music sense, Taylor Swift is my heroine. :P This is my intepretation of the gaga’s style which everyone is crazy about. This is a remix of one of the outfits she wore during her London trip, as seen here plus a few outfits from her concert wardrobe. I wanted to create a club look, built around the Black Clubbing Jacket by Modd.G, my favourite piece out of the review copies that Moddish kindly sent.  My RL friend favourite colour combination seemed to have rubbed off me. Red and Black. Both striking and perfect. The Red Sparkly Bra was an accidental found in my inventory. Love the sparkles in it, perfect for drawing attention in the club. Kinda gaga-ish right? This girl doesn’t seem  to get the notice that gaga prefer straight hair with a ribbon on top. I’m still obssess with maitreya’s new release, which should be all over the feed by now. :P I can’t choose a favourite between them. Pop on a pair of sunglasses, gaga’s signature accessory and the look is complete. Hope you enjoy it!


*I’m such a dunce and forgot to wore one part of the armwarmers in the pic. Smacks head. Forgive the picture. Sorry!*


Hair: Maitreya – Faye 

Bra: Chic Boutique – Red Beaded Bra (From Crush Row Thanksgiving Hunt 08)

Jacket: Modd.G Black Clubbing Jacket (Check out Moddish’s shop if you have not. Its so cute! She spent lots of efforts in it. I should know cause she did not talk much to me during the week leading to her opening LOL)

Shorts: Emery – High Waist Short (Part of Gift Outfit Call Me!)

Pants: Ibizarre Anouk Pant (deep red)

Belt: {Gisaci} Buone Vacanze Belt – Ajan Pink

Armwarmers: Maitreya – ArmWarmer Black

Gloves: :bijou: DIVA Gloves (freebie)

Sunglasses: [ e l y s i o n   o p t i c ] ~vairocana alfa~ Zebra Black (Group Gift)

Boots: Jaywalk: Liah – Onyx

Fur Cap Love

January 13, 2009

Alrighty guys, I haven’t finished this aoharu sale but have been walking around in this outfit, inspired by the aoharu fur cap, for a few days now… so I thought I share 1st. The fur cap.. what can I say? ITS FINALLY MINE!! YAY!! 2 hrs of search and lots of moaning, sheepie finally located the whereabouts of this little cutie. I saw a cap like this in nu you, aka the taiwan magazine I’m obssess with, a while ago, on thir cover model, vivian hsu (who is a GREAT singer btw) and wanted this added to my virtual closet. I remembered aoharu have a cap like this but didn’t manage to drag myself there till the sale :P

As mentioned, this perfecto cap inspired the rest of the outfit. The magazine showed the hat in a casual light, but I wanted something chic and yet girly at the same time. I found the cupcakes suspender set skirt lying about my inventory and thought it was the perfect skirt for this look. Yes, this skirt has been blogged numerous of times. Yet, I would continue to agree that this perfectly scrupted item is a great basic, high waisted skirt and an essential to our virtual inventory. The yellow belt which came with the set greatly brightens the dull, brown-ish outfit colour. Checks are an “in thing” for this winter season and the domani brown jacket from bijou, a freebie I believe, matched perfectly. I particularly love the cuffs of this set. Can’t believe its a freebie. (A big thankyou to bijou owners here.). The necklace is from shampoo during the footprint hunt and it adds a reminisence feel to the outfit, in theme with the fur cap. Maitreya soho boots and a complementary knee length socks completed the look.

*Remember, the aoharu sale ends this sunday, 17/1 and CSR ends 18/1.




Hair: =TEKUTEKU= 2008 autumn freebie-hair  (smoky beige)

Cap: AOHARU – FluffyHat_Brown

Jacket: :bijou: Domani jacket [Brown set]

Scarf: [gisele] enroulent/ecru drape (tinted)

Skirt + Belt: M&R Cupcakes Modern Suspender Set – Yellow/Brown

Boots: Maitreya – Soho Boots

Socks: Maitreya – Toeless Slouch Brown

Necklace: Shampoooo Clock Necklace (FootPrint Hunt)