August 8, 2009

RL has been hectic these few days so I’ll be quick in this post. As promised, this is one of the hairs that will be avaliable at will be open to public at noon today so the wait is almost over for those who did not join the group. As for the skin, Mochi Milena, owner of the awesome adorable Pink fuel recently released her 1st line of skins, Raine and they are cute in every sense. My favourite part will be those glossy lips. I decided to get a more adventurous makeup and Dolly Tears in Red which features a lightly smudge mascara and geisha-like lips suit my needs perfectly. Each makeup pack comes with 4 skins, with or without freckles and dark or light brows so yay for options. Btw, Anexx has also opened and here’s your taxi. Other points to note would be the necklace that came from a new shop skream. Jacqueline Cliassi is the mastermind behind the brand and her new releases include the rosary shown below, which seem to have a touch of rock glam to it. Their mainstore is located here so do take a peek!^^  xoxo Tomoyo


Hair: – Cassie – Emo Black
Skin: [PF] Raine–Dolly Tears Red (dkbrow)
Inner shirt: (fd) Lovely Leather Jacket
Shirt: Inara’s Orient Flower gown (tinted) + !Ohmai : Summer Breeze [RAVISHINGRED] (Skirt layer)
Skirt: (Part of) *Thimbles* Awee Baby – RedHot (Oh yes, thimbles create one of my favourite system skirts ever!)
Ring: EARTHTONES boutique – Tri-Solitaire Ring, Multi/Black 
Necklace: [ skream! ] “veritas” rosary
Earrings: [glow] studio KRAKOW Gold earrings
Jacket: (P-K)Shoulder trench noir
Shoes: ANEXX_RibbonBeltPumps_Black/Red
Pose: Snooky

Bones and Boots

July 29, 2009

Remember those cowboy boots from ELAN i blogged awhile back. Well, I rediscovered their store again yesterday. It has greatly expanded since the last time I’ve been there. The boots below are part of the “free boots folder” I obtained from the store and zomg I love it. The flare at the top is just right, nicely highlighting and complimenting the legs instead of making them look like sticks. XD There is also a hot pair of high heel boots avaliable at the store. I’ll show them to you in a later post ^^ My friend Sue opened her first shop yesterday here and most of her clothing are avaliable at affordable prices. I decided to use a bow from one of her dresses as a brooch here. I dropped by Kari today and saw these cute clothes peg bangle. ZOMG you can resist laundry but clothes peg bangles are adorables and unresistable! Plus, they come in a multicolour version and another version where the texture of the clothes pegs are scripted to change. Havean awesome wednesday! xoxo

Song: The Fray – How To Save A Life


Hair: (Dernier Cri) Mina – Brown Shades
Skin: :GP: Petal [Dark] Beach-Osprey 2
Tank: Niniko – Tank Top (black)
Inner Shirt: (Part of) tomoto – robe de batten noir
Skirt: (Part of) []::Tuli::[] Bandana dress [blue]
Bow: (Part of) Beetle Bones* Tunic Tubey Dress (slate grey) (tinted, resized, reattached)
Socks: MIEL Jane Socks – Flor Light – periwinkle
Bangle: { Kari } – Clothing pin Bracelet
Shoes: Elan – Engineer Boots by masami Niekerk (free)
Pose: Dare

Out On The Streets

May 20, 2009

A quickie cause the grey anatomy’s video in the other window is beckoning me O_O.

Boon released some awesome new hair which seem retextured(?) and I absolutely love this style as shown below. The jacket is a gift from Malt for Blogger’s Appreciation week, which has been totally fun! The random group chats were fun. Again, thanks callie and all the officers for their hard work! Muacks to all the designers for their awesomeness gift even though I don’t think blogging is really hard work, its more like a hobby :)  The necklace from mocorin is absolutely pretty and I feel that they have come a long way from their earlier work. Its not visible in the picture below but there is a pretty bow at the back of the necklace and this design is really unique. Kalnins new shoes are adorable and can change a million of colours and have a million of options. I couldn’t resist it. Plus at 500L, a shoe like this is a steal. <3 Hope you enjoy this look! <3



Hair: booN TOM245 hair brown

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] April-Redbud 2

Top: (Part of) ::SUGARCUBE – HASU – dress( blanche )

Jacket: .:MALT:. Fashions – SE Antique Gold Suede Jacket

Skirt: (Part of) *Thimbles* Awee Baby – RedHot

Legging: M * A * ii * K * I Long Legging Bronze

Necklace: *mocorin* IBUKI COOL nec

Bracelet: : U&R Dogs – +*R*+: Duchess Bracelet

Sunglasses: :::**Ray Skin**::: DecoGlass II +Detector+ (freebie)

Bag: [LB] – Croco Cabas/White

Shoes: Kalnins Shoes – Coquette 

Pose: DeLa

TAMA, otherwise known as Tomoyo, Anya, Moddishh and Amy. We’ll maing a movie? Nah, I just wanted  to say that line. LOLX. Ps. Modd is such a genius to come up with this cool sounding head. Now its stuck in my head :P

The inspiration for this post was the unreleased cardigans from Modd G., which is an absolutely fabulous store offering versatile seperates like this one below. The shelf in the picture is another unreleased piece Moddishh made under her new brand Chori. Isn’t moddy just so fabulous :) Anyways, here’s 4 ways to wear the cardigan! Hope you enjoy it! <3

Psst, go check Anya’s flick! She made some awesome pictures from the shoot! Gosh!

Pps. I miss the pervertic pig Anya :P


Credits: (Left to Right)

On Moddishh:

Hair: Free Speerit (Dee) in Locorice

Earrings: Pididdle Ghost Earrings

Blue Cardigan: Modd.G AEOLIA Cardigan (Blue)

Grey Turtleneck : *MIU* plain grey turtleneck

Blue Shorts: Armidi Gisaci Buone Vacanze (part of a set)

Shoes: Pretties by JB Boho Chic Mules in Mocha

Black ribbon belt: Anya satin belt in Smoke

Necklace: Atelier AM candy ball necklace


On Anya:


Eyelashes: Redgrave twiggy

Eyes: MAI Eyes Vol.6

Hair: KUROTSUBAKI Heart Hair 3 (in pink)

Top: ModdG AEOLIA Cardigan (in beige)

Pants: PUNPY Chino Culottes (in beige)

Belt: KUROTSUBAKI Hippie belt A

Boots: KUROTSUBAKI Feather boots (in brown)

Socks: Rebel-X Snowflake Sheer Socks (in cherry)

Necklace: Rebel-X Spring Necklace

Bracelets: Halu leather bracelet

Bracelets2: LustY Ice Cube Bracelets (in brown)

Ring: IZUMIYA ribbon ring (in brown)


On Amy:

 Hair: Exile- Gwen raver

Glasses: SpeXx- ORL glasses

Cardigan: Modd.G- AEOLIA Cardigan (pink)

Bangle: Etoile- Fleur bangles (group gift)

Jeans: Sweetest goodbye- Ripped heart (deep black)

Shoes: ::Line::- Fire chucks (picks gift)


On Tomoyo:

Hair: >TRUTH< Willow – treacle *Once a week, Truth Hawkes makes me go running to his store :P *

Skin: *Beauty Avatar Couture* ALYSSA – Light Skin 05

Cap: [SG*] Get on! – Hat/ Black

Shirt: Modd.G AEOLIA Cardigan (Purple)

Jacket: ::: B@R ::: Sadie Pink 

Shorts: *BOOM* Denim Lowrise Short/Skirt-Indigo

Fishnets: :::Sn@tch Cameltoe Fishnets:::

Gloves: ::: B@R ::: Diamond Disco Gold Gloves

Necklace 1: .+*AA*+.Layered flower necklace *black (modified)

Necklace 2: .::FabulouS::. Love Sex  Magic/YG

Shoes: Jaywalk: Liah – Onyx


March 21, 2009

I am a bad blogger. You find out why I have been missing.. ermm soon :P

I simply love the feeling of shopping at barerose. Its like the SL fashion equivalent of Honeydukes (its the candy store in the Harry Potter series). There’s boxes after boxes of products packed to their brim, cheap prices, a raffle ball or rather the clown that hands out “lollipops”, and contest through the ever “lovable” luck chairs. Everytime I go there, I discovered something different, something new. Its no exception this time. The Tokyo Drive set, which I believe is one of June’s latest release is my latest indulgence from barerose. I fell in love with the vibrant and striking colours from this set. Plus, there’s a PINK one, one of the in colours this spring which starts TODAY!  Secondly, HOC, which I’ve blogged sometime ago, release a fabulous pair of sketchers for a mere 30L. Like all its other products, its scripted to colour change. Guys don’t be sad. This pair of sketchers come in both guy and gal versions in the same package! Yupx yupx that’s all for today.. signing off <3 Tomoyo




Hair: ETD Janine – Chestnut

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] Lovely-Olive Branch 1

Top: (Part of) ::: B@R ::: Tokyo Drive

Shorts: {Gisaci} Buone Vacanze Shorts

Necklace: (Milk Motion) my huuuge necklace black

Shoes: HOC Apparel – Chucks – Plain Color Pack

Earrings: [LeLutka] GRACE EARRINGS- by Miabella

Bag: ::: B@R ::: Clutch Bag Yellow

Beautify me please?

March 11, 2009

Woot! I finally finish the post I have been working on since Sunday *whistles*. When Saretta contacted me to do a review for beauty avatar, I was in shocked… yupx imagine a girl manically grinning at her computer and you will get me at that point of time.

I chose to use the dress from the Inaya outfit as my base and created 3 different outfits from it. The dress caught my eye immediately while browsing their flickr catalouge. I love the silky feeling of the dress. Plus, its white, the colour of an empty canvas. Perfect for accessorizing.

The 1st look is a rather simple one. A simple jacket, another of beauty AV latest release. Not much accessorizing except for the big fabulous Fabulous bag which gave a splurge of colour to the whole look. Chicoco is a store which i recently went back to visit. Reasonable prices and really cute stuff. This hairband was one that I was eyeing back in my noob days and I’m happy its finally in my inventory yay!



The 2nd look. Ah,  it started with this so many styles jacket. In a bid to challenge myself to stay away from the usual blacks and whites, I picked up this limegreen one which I absolutely love. The gold patterns on the jacket seem to pop on the green background. *Quick random fact: Green + Gold reminds me of Hari Raya, the Malays new year :)* I wanted a belt that peek from under the jacket. After much tweaking and heavy modding, I managed to fit this chain belt, which comes with the Inaya outfit under the jacket. I attached a earring onto the belt too, serving as a charm for the belt itself. I love the outcome. Yes.. finally Dejavu’s yuria is mine too :)



One of the things I love is to wear the bottom parts of dresses as skirts, either with a belt or a oversized top to hide the seems. The ones with sculpted skirts, such as Inaya here, works best worn with this method, as the top seems are rather even. The following look showcases one of the jacket by one of my besties, Moddish Gossipgirl. The sculptie at the bottom of the jacket was really useful in this outfit, allowing a smooth transition between the top and bottom. One of the other things I “borrowed” from beauty avatar is their latest skins, the Tabita line. Likewise other beauty avatar skins, Tabita comes with a slightly glossy face and a range of dramatic, high fashion makeups. I was really attracted to the pouty and full lips these skins possesses. I just wished there was a darker brow option for this skin. The hair flower is a recent find from the shop !!wild O. I was just visiting their new store at the frolics sim when I saw this sophisticated flower for a mere 10L. I think its only for a limited time though(?)  Sometimes, simplicity is the best… not too extravegent, but bringing a lovely touch to the whole outfit.



The possibilities and ways to wear this dress is endless. Whether it is worn as a dress on the whole or as seperates, this dress is definitely a keeper. Hope you guys enjoyed the post! <3


Dress: *Beauty Avatar Couture* A&A Inaya


Outfit 1:

Hair: Maitreya Faye – Caramel

Skin: :GP: Petal [Dark] Lovely-Vintage Rose 1 (I swear I get these soon.. Maybe i should stop saving for a fatpack and just buy them already =P)

Jacket: (Part of) *Beauty Avatar* A&A Greta

Hairband: *chicoco* Gold parl Katsusha*s

Earrings: =IZUMIYA=Pierced earrings/Black Cat

Belt: (Part of) * M’z HN Sweater black *

Bag: .::FabulouS::.Record Bag

Shoes: Maitreya Chichi Pumps – Black


Outfit 2:

Hair: +++DEJAVU+++YURIA Caramel brown

Skin: Redgrave – Hana

Jacket: {SMS} Urban Deco Coat Seagreen

Belt Charm: +plus Meandros earring in Dark Gold (reattached at right pec)

Belt: (Part of) *Beauty Avatar Couture* A&A Inaya (heavily modded, tinted white, reattached at left pec)

Bag: Pixel Mode – Leeza Leopard Purse

Earrings: Made by me

Shoes: Maitreya Verve pumps – Black


Outfit 3:

Hair: >TRUTH< Amber – carrot

Skin: *Beauty Avatar* Thabita skin – natural 03

Shirt: Modd.G Eleanor Jacket (Red)

Scarf: (part of) ~*RunoRuno*~ Samaria

Head accessory: !!WILD O@Frolics02

Ring: ~flirt~ Bloom Ring : Jasper/Bronze

Umbrella: *GC* Plaid Umbrella

Shoes: [KA] DESIGNS Shoes *Maika* GOLD

Let’s Shop in Style

March 5, 2009

Just a casual look which I was sporting while hopping round the grid today. From the shorts to the necklace, this is exactly something I would wear in RL.  In fact, I’m wearing something like this while typing this post :P

MNK is another Japanese store I discovered from creator’s pavilion *Gosh I love those events*. Their clothes are really versatile and feminine, perfect for this girly girl. For 90L i got like 4 options for these striped pants- a pair of shorts (which I’m wearing here), a pair of pants, and a pair of half – pants. The tableau sim which was recently reopened is simply bursting with colours, seemingly welcoming our bright and colourful spring yay! This necklace is from (yummy), the accessories shop owned by Nylon Pinkey located in Tableau. Oh gosh, I am simply attracted to the details in this necklace. From the lovely charms to the carefully done beads… its really the sort of necklaces I love to don on in RL. A closer look of the necklace is shown in the 2nd picture below. The inner shirt is a new release from the wonderful M&R cupcakes. Mimi and Rosemary never disappoint me in their new releases. *whee!* The lace on this particular top seem to remind me of the “itchy” yet lovely spagetti strips i bought from Esprit a few years back. Aren’t you glad that fashion is not a “pain” in SL? <3<3




Hair: Maitreya Piper II – Natural Blonde

Shirt: *CUPCAKES Simple Shimmer Tank – White

Jacket: **DP**naughity jelly besns(olive) (freebie)

Cuffs: (Part of) :bijou: *FREE* Domani (freebie)

Shorts: (part of) **nikukyu** Stripe_PantsSet(brown) (nikukyu and MNK are in the same shop)

Necklace: (Yummy) Portrait Necklace

Shoes: STYLE – Inner Hoochie Shoe – Black


It’s Already Spring?

March 5, 2009

Well I finally finish all my stressful stuff for the week and went on a mega Japanese shop shopping spree today. This outfit is the result of 6 hrs of shopping. *ever heard of shop till youSLdrop? :P * The inspiration of this outfit came is the balloon dress from .:i *Towa* i:. , a little shop with a small range of clothes at the moment. I fell in love with it after nil’s post (her blog is one of my current obssessions ;) ) a few days ago. The designs are unique and the clothes are well made and affordable. If nil hasn’t convinced you to make avisit to the shop… ermm *kicks butt*…

Apparently its spring already O_O. I added a tinge of colour with this skirt, a part of the dress from NX. I love the prim flower by the side of the skirt. The bulky prim seem to make the skirt appear to be “blown upwards” by the wind, whee! Plus its a freebie, double whoopee! Till this day, I’m still amazed by the generosity of designers :) Lastly, apologies for clogging the feed with more apollon hats, they are simple just too divine to be left in the inventory… <3 hope you like it!

Its already spring?


Skin: Redgrave – Ashley

Hair: Maitreya Piper II – White

Shirt: (part of) .:i *Towa* i:.  balloon dress < black >

Skirt: (part of) Nardya Noir No.5 Prim Skirt Aqua (freebie)

Hat: (part of) Apollon/Homburg hat set01

Brooch: *PERSONA* Nola brooch-feather – grey

Belt: black_belt**nikukyu** (freebie in MNK shop)

Shoes: Maitreya SoHo Boots ‘Black Suede’

Today’s style kinda cross this barrier between the east and the west.  Just like  how harmony is prevalent in all parts of the world, clothes from different ethnic groups blends well too. Here, I’m wearing items which originate from 3 different countries, mainly Japan, America(?) (where did jeans and dresses come from? *tomoyo ponders*) and Russia. It may seem weird on the whole, with a non existent theme throughout. But on closer look, I like how the colours and subtle patterns of the different elements complement and balances each others. The delicate patterns on the Barerose kimono top softens the hard textures of the runoruno undress cocktail dress. The fur cap softens the entire “goth” look, with its colour keeping the outfit from sinking into the “too black” region. The wide cuffs of these jeans and shirt balances the tight “bodice” of the outfit.

Bleh. Someone must cure me of my bad habit of using demos for pictures. The curio skins are too lovely… I should get them soon. Ya, soon…. This one here is breeze, another favourite :)



Skin: :GP:  Petal [Dark] Breeze-Sepia 2

Hair: Maitreya – Apple (ebony)

Dress: ~*RunoRuno*~ UNDress Cocktail Black

Shirt: ::: B@R ::: Free Rose Mini Kimono Shirt

Jeans: WoE GRJ-F3c Luce Jeans – Christmas

Hat: AOHARU – FluffyHat_Brown

Shoes: Maitreya – Verve Red

Alter Egos

February 25, 2009

1. a second self; a perfect substitute or deputy: His adviser acts as his alter ego during his absence.
2. an inseparable friend.
3. another aspect of one’s self.

2 looks today as I can’t decide which I like better. They really are opposites of each other, and hence displaying the different facades of Tomoyo perfectly. The first is a casual, “rock” style I’ve been wearing around while the other is a rather girly style, which in my opinion, is suitable for a walk in the garden. For the first, I used the same shirt, the barerose one, as yesterday but gave it a whole new twist, a step down from the candy girl look I posted yesterday. The junwave hair gave it the perfect rocker chick edge. Instead of staying with the sepia tones, I gave the look a slight touch of purple, my favourite colour. The shirt doesn’t completely cover the upper parts of the leggings, which are higher than my shorts, but I love how the black peeks from under the shirt. It might not be obvious in the pics below though. The 2nd look… ahh thank you alyssa for dragging me to Shirohato. This dress is perfect! It can be won from from the lucky chair or bought from the vendor at a mere price of 40L. I really love the simplicity of the dress. Plain, and only decorated by some pale flowers. I kept the whole look clean and did not really accessorise. Plus point about the dress, it comes with 3 skirt options – a short one to wear the top as a blouse, a skirt which starts from the hips, and the last, which I’m wearing in the pics below, which starts from the waist. Shirohato also offers a selection of cheap but high quality dresses, all under 100L. Just gotta to love cheap places like these <3

On the sidenote, sorry for the demo skins used. I was playing demos in my skybox.. again. Its my little Bad SL quirk. I’m totally in love with these curio skins. Lovely is really lovely. I’m wearing the 2nd lightest skintone, a huge jump from my usual tan skins. I thought the light ones brought emphasis on the lovely makeup. Love those lips! One of the best red lips I’ve come across. Maybe I’ll get themm hmmm… not in moonshine though… Oh sorry for the photoshopped pics too. I miss photoshop after a month(?) of abstinence :P However, I only played with the lighting. No shading was involved.. so whatever you see here should be rather true to the originals inworld snapshots.

Ps. Oh no, I’m loving pale skins again! Is that good? or bad? hahaz. Ange has to corrupt me again :P


*Larger versions of the pics are posted on flickr*


Hair: ((JUNWAVE))CoolWolfHair*BLACK*

Skin: :GP: Moonbeam [Dark] Lovely-Vintage Rose 1

Shoes: Maitreya – Verve Plum


Look 1:

Shirt: ::: B@R ::: Low Cut P Shirt

Sweater: *Thimbles* Your Hippy Mother – white with grey

Leggings: [maeva] – Minuette Leggings Long [black]

Cuffs: M * A * ii * K * I Sculpt Legging Pieces (tinted black)

Shorts: Mirrors*+Free Hickory High (Thanks Nil for reminding me of these shorts!)

Bangles:  [VG Republic] Double African Bangle Bracelets (reattached to left hand) & ~*FBG*~ Bright Sprinkle Donut Bangle – Gold

Necklace: *Kookie* Valentine Hunt charm necklace freebie

Hat: AOHARU – MiniHeadAccessory_Zebra

Ipod: [BUKKA] iPod touch (lucky chair) *oh gosh the ipod has a danceball, rezzes a skybox and music wahahhaz*


Look 2:

Dress: shirohato-breeze flower

Stockings: *Punch Drunk*Tink Rocker Fishnets

Bag: JE*REPUBLIC – La vie est belle Bag-Full Valentine

Bangle: [ICoN] Bangle gray (from candynail hunt)

Necklace: Alienbear’s design Calla 2nd Anniversary necklace (dark silver)

Hat: AOHARU – FluffyHat_Brown