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August 11, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday Singapore!

fly past lomo

In lieu of National Day (9 August), I’ve made a little gift for my subscribers.

Subscribe at *MayoNaise* Mainstore to receive it.
It will only be avaliable till 16 August. Oh ya, only the bag is included. The plant is by blonde :)

Also, please be reminded that Pookie Flea Market ends at midnight today! So do stop by here if you have not done so =)

Anyways, Grab the bags here now ^^
Hope you like them <3


Series 2 of the Albero Summer Gatcha Festival has now commenced. From now till August 11, head on down to Albero for these oversized woven bags!

There are 24 Unique Designs available. As usual, I went a little crazy making options for this bag and thus separated them into 2 vendors, bright vs dark colours. Each set contains 2 bags, one with an animation, the other without.
Here’s a preview of the bags avaliable:
*Click the picture to enlarge.*

Here’s an SLURL to the event area again!

Hope to see you there!
<3 Tomoyo

*MayoNaise* Cut Up My Vintage Dress

As the post title says it all, the above item is an exclusive created for Pookie Flea Market and will only be available from July 23 to Aug 10.

Here’s an slurl to the event. ^^

Hope to See you there! <3

Yupx, the Albero Gatcha Festival is here once again! *insert excited dance*
For the 1st series of the event, I’ve released some bags will frills to match your summer outfits!

I went a little crazy making options for the bags XD As such…  there are light and dark canvas versions avaliable in seperate gachas, with 28 unique designs in 23 “combination packs” each.

A preview of all the bags available and combination packs are shown below.
*Click on the picture to enlarge.*

Do not that these bags are EXCLUSIVES for the event and will only be avaliable from July 7 till July 21.

Anyways, here’s an SLURL to the event area!

See you there! (:

Twinkle Night Bazaar is an event to celebrate Tabanata, a traditional Japanese event held on the 7th of July.
I am honored to be among the many participating in this event.
Below are some of the items *MayoNaise* has to offer:

Please note that these items are exclusive to the event and will NOT be sold once the event concludes.
Hope you like them!

Here’s an slurl to the event,
See you there! :)

Wow, its almost a month since I last blog. I have been busy setting up my store, *MayoNaise* mainstore and churning out more inventory for it :). Its finally open! *excited*

This time round, *MayoNaise* is offering a variety of items ranging from sweaters, skirts to hairbands.

*MayoNaise* Pearls on my Shoulder Sweater
Comes in 5 shades – Brown, Grey, Pink, Teal and Grey. Please refer to the 1st picture for the exact shades *points*

*MayoNaise* Denim Skirts (2nd picture, row 1-2)
There are 2 versions of denim skirts on sale – an original version (3 shades of denim avaliable) and a paint-splattered version (2 shades of denim avaliable)

*MayoNaise* Spring Awakening Skirt (2nd picture, row 2-4)
This spring-filled mini skirt comes in 7 shades – Beige, Black, Cream, Olive, Peach, Plum, Red

*MayoNaise Einkorn Suede Skirt (2nd picture, row 5-6)
Avaliable in 6 colours – Black, Brown, Maroon, Navy, Olive, Pink
For each colour, there are 2 options provided – one with fringe and the other without. The fringe versions are showed above.

In addition, I have set up a gatcha machine containing the hair bands you see above (3rd picture) as the prizes. The sweater in the same picture is also a limited time dollarbie available till the 19/4. There are 3 colours – pink, blue and beige available.

That’s all for now! Hope you like them! <333

Here’s a Taxi
See you there!

*MayoNaise* Poses

September 5, 2009

Yupx.. they are here! 3 packs of poses for your photograph/modelling/blogging/etc. needs..

lovestoryfinal copy

Love Story, is inspired by one of my favourite song’s music video by Taylor Swift

lettersfromwithinfinal copy

“Letters From Within” Pose pack was made to fill the need of poses suitable for skirts. With the exception of the 4th pose from the left, Fakes Denied, all the other poses are suitable to use with poofy skirts.

seasidewondersfinal copy

Likewise “Love Story” pose pack, “Seaside Wonders” offers a range of natural poses.

These poses are all avaliable in my store @ The Black Market. Individual poses cost 30L each while a fatpack of 5 poses cost 100L, meaning you get them all at 2/3 the original price! More clothes and poses will be coming soon! But for now, I hope you like this current release! <3

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