Pygmy Puffs Invasion

August 24, 2011

*Squeals and squeeze* my collection of Pygmy Puffs! Aren’t they all so adorable? For non-HP fans, Pygmy Puffs are miniature Puffskein which are a popular pet kept within households of witches and wizards. Here in SL, these beauties are “bred” with love and care by fellow potterhead Anya Ohmai and is currently available at the Harry Potter Fair. There are 25 amazing colours avaliable. The Pygmy Puffs are also animated to stick their tongues out, wiggle their ears and paws at various intervals. Its absolutely cute~ Other shops like BeetlebonesTee*fy, Boom* and brb are also participating in this fair  so do check them all out. Imo, any potterhead, whether you are going to RP or not should definitely hit the sim! ! Do note that the fair is only open from 6pm-9am SLT due to ongoing constructions in the Hogwarts Castle within the sim. The castle is accessible to the public during those times too and gosh~  you guys have to visit it cause 1. its amazing and 2. in the words of JK Rowling, “Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” XDXD

Listening To: A Very Potter Sequel – Harry Freakin’ Potter

On Table
Table: MudHoney Amaris Side Table White (Rayvn Hynes)
Mug: {theosophy} x !Ohmai – Monday Blues Mug (Trace Osterham)
Stack of Plates: BP*plate /3mai (Bettiepage Voyager)
Flower: BP* milk bottle2/flower (Bettiepage Voyager)
Single Plates: (Part of) [North West] Pretty Plate III (Lili Brink)
Cookie: =F=Choco_cup_nuts (Sakuya Lane)
Jar: MudHoney Empty Jar (Rayvn Hynes)
Pencil + Paper: (Part of) [North West] Arts ‘n Crafts Work Set (Lili Brink)

On Floor
Rug: LISP – Pebble Rug (Pandora Popstar)
Vase: [North West] Vase of tulips (Lili Brink)
Plant: *Y’s HOUSE* [Plants] KOKEDAMA 06(border/ivo/L) (Yacchan Clip)

All Pygmy Puff from Ohmai Emporium (Anya Ohmai)


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