Last week, it was Oceania. This week, we visited several apartments in Iridium. From nerdy to sweet to just plain gorgeous styles, these residents just left us yearning to visit the Fair for more…

At Iridium Heights
Let the Music Start

Window 1: Epoque Hair – Guardian I || LoQ Hairs – Sake || Wasabi Pills – Libby Hair with Epoque Hair Bliss Hairbase || LOGO – Karissa
Skin: My UglyDorothy – Peper

At Iridium Rise
Long Hair Blues

Window 2: Exile – Hollie Dae || Vive Nine – Lindsey || Kik Hair – Fine I
Skin: My UglyDorothy – Miranda

At Iridium Way
Ice Cream Just Rocks!

Window 3: Rosy Mood – Aster || Wasabi Pills – Trish Hair || Illusory Hair – Kimmi
Skin: My UglyDorothy – Callia

At Iridium Falts
Drinking In Style

Window 4: Epoque Hair – Warrior || Decoy Hair – Milena || Shag – Bombshell
Skin: Mother Goose – NamHee
Lips: Dutch Touch – Mensje Lipsticks

Do remember, Hair Fair shuts its doors on 15th July. There are much gifts and shopping to do so do visit the Fair asap if you have not done so! In the meantime, the organizers are hosting a second photo contest for Hair Fair 2011 which ends July 16. The details can be found here. There are still a couple more styles we wished to showcase so do stay tuned for more!

Ps. Sorry this took so long. Had been busy the last couple of days.. I really hope I can finish my last post on Hair Fair b4 the fair closes.. but apologies in advance if it is late! Also, do click the pictures for a larger version.. Landscape pictures turn out small on wordpress sigh~

Other Credits
Mouth Accessory: Illusory Dessert Bunny – Strawberry Cream (Window 3)
Makeup by Boom, Cheap Makeup, My UglyDorothy
Nails by Rozena
Lashes by Lelutka, Glow Studio