Hair Fair Coverage 1 – Reporting from Oceania

July 6, 2011

The residents of SL City are bouncing in excitement as the annual Hair Fair arrives at their doorsteps yet again. Beginning last saturday, the residents have been frantically visiting the fair in hopes to get the latest hair-styles avaliable. While visiting Oceania Beach, one of the Fair’s sites, we managed to snap some pictures of residents showing off their new fabulous hair-dos through open windows. They do leave much for envy, don’t they?

At Oceania Way
Welcome To Our Secret Garden

Window 1: Fashionably Dead – Crystal’s Yearbook Photo || Fashionably Dead – Sweet Tea
Window 2: Magika – Luna || Lamb – Our Deal

At Oceania Circle
The Beach Beckons

Window 3: Aoharu – Gemma || Pr!tty – Athena
Window 4: Lelutka – Shoop || Action Hair – Leslie || Action Hair – Melanie

At Oceania Rise
Loving The Greens

Window 5: Aoharu – Megan || Raspberry Aristocrat – Khloe
Window 6: Head Mistress – Sex Symbol || Shag – Inguenue

These styles are just a tiny slice of what we love. Other than Oceania’s Beach, Hair Fair is also located at Independence Mall @ Iridium, Salt Water Taffy and the Carnival @ Rhodium. Readers are highly encouraged to visit the fair at their earliest convenience. It is simply something you cannot miss out! Plus, a portion of sales generated from each style will be donated to the charity, Wigs For Kids. A directory of shops available can be found here.
Do stay tune for more Hair Fair coverage as we “stalk” the residents of the other towns in their amazing new hairstyles (:

Ps.  The shops mentioned are scattered around all 4 sims. Apologies if you were misled by my writing above hee~ Also, do click the pictures for a larger version!

Other Credits
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Becky (Window 3,6) || *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Peper (window 1,2,4,5)
Makeup by Cheap Makeup, My Ugly Dorothy, Boom, Mozz, Addict
Lashes by Lelutka, Glow Studio

3 Responses to “Hair Fair Coverage 1 – Reporting from Oceania”

  1. ohmyohmai Says:

    yayyyyy so purdy!! <3 me likey the window treatment :D *pat pat* hard work paid off my friend!

  2. aww so cute i like the idea here! :3

  3. Steffy Ghost Says:

    D’awwwww. I super loved this idea. Very cute! ^^.

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