Wow, its almost a month since I last blog. I have been busy setting up my store, *MayoNaise* mainstore and churning out more inventory for it :). Its finally open! *excited*

This time round, *MayoNaise* is offering a variety of items ranging from sweaters, skirts to hairbands.

*MayoNaise* Pearls on my Shoulder Sweater
Comes in 5 shades – Brown, Grey, Pink, Teal and Grey. Please refer to the 1st picture for the exact shades *points*

*MayoNaise* Denim Skirts (2nd picture, row 1-2)
There are 2 versions of denim skirts on sale – an original version (3 shades of denim avaliable) and a paint-splattered version (2 shades of denim avaliable)

*MayoNaise* Spring Awakening Skirt (2nd picture, row 2-4)
This spring-filled mini skirt comes in 7 shades – Beige, Black, Cream, Olive, Peach, Plum, Red

*MayoNaise Einkorn Suede Skirt (2nd picture, row 5-6)
Avaliable in 6 colours – Black, Brown, Maroon, Navy, Olive, Pink
For each colour, there are 2 options provided – one with fringe and the other without. The fringe versions are showed above.

In addition, I have set up a gatcha machine containing the hair bands you see above (3rd picture) as the prizes. The sweater in the same picture is also a limited time dollarbie available till the 19/4. There are 3 colours – pink, blue and beige available.

That’s all for now! Hope you like them! <333

Here’s a Taxi
See you there!