Attempted Ganguro

October 31, 2009

Its probably the massive amount of hunts I did during last year’s halloween that made me dislike the combination of black and orange so much, especially during this type of the year where we get them in overdoses. XD Nina introduced a new term to me – Ganguro. For those that do not know, Ganguro is a form of Japanese fashion where you have tan skin, light hair and colourful clothes and bright makeup.  And that’s what I hoped to have achieved in this outfit.

Well.. we were talking and we realised that not many sl fashionistas have taken this route before! So here’s a mini challenge: Make a ganguro outfit! hehez.. post the links in the comments below and i’ll do a round up at the end of the week?

Ps. Thanks Carolina for asking me to post with her! She is sooo soo soo sweet.. Check out the post here! <33


Hair: !lamb. Say – Kit Kat (i love it x10000000)
Skin: JM:Mai skin_devonz tan ver5
Jacket: {SMS} Vintage Jacket Teal-Red <3 (coming soon?)
Shirt: !Ohmai : Feather Cardigan BLACKCROW (DU2 item)
Inner Shirt: (Madsy) History Class cardigan – black
Leggings: (Part of) *dg* crows nest:hanger vender (DU2 item)
Gloves: OPIUM Everyday L$1 Store – black lace gloves (dollarbie)
Bag: :SEY StudsCrown bag (Lucky Board Gift – part of lucky board festivle on greed sim, ends 31st october)
Head Accessory: DUBOO*Minnie’s ears (comes with “DUBOO*Mickey’s glasses” set, avaliable at the new elliot branch!)
Chest Accessory: SUICIDAL UNBORN – Crazy Nurse Stethoscope (Halloween 2009) (subscribo gift here)
Cigar: FNKY! Cigarette II (long ash)
Shoes: ANEXX – BuckleWedgeBoots – Black

Studio: [L+U]PhotoStudio002[Gift] (get here)


10 Responses to “Attempted Ganguro”

  1. Nina Says:

    lovelovelove ganguro!!!
    and im in this challenge for SURE!! and i dare anyone to make it too! heheheh
    well done, Tomo!!!

  2. DO EET DO EET! I can’t wait to see yours!

  3. heeeeeeee i really really love this post!
    cuz devon with tomo, and my little minnie ears lol
    and i love asian! thanx! lol

  4. lolllll i love u tooo <3

  5. icampese Says:

    <333 the post and me jacket with these pants pure love:DD

  6. […] Look Book, Second Life, Second Life Fashion, SL, slfashion, sms, So Many Styles } Yay for Tomoyo’s challenge! Here’s my GANGURO outfit (first […]

  7. omg love the sms jackets and those leggings. haha you look very japanese/ganguro girl! great challenge.

    lol this reminds me of the game where you try to date a ganguro girl.

  8. keZ Says:

    cool shoes!
    the whole outfit is modern and lovely :)
    and nice photo editing!

  9. Hahaz silver! I cant load that site! my comp hates me or is protecting me? XD hehez glad you like the challenge! Maybe you can try it out too! =D

    KeZ, Thank yous. The Anexx folder is one I default to when looking for something different then the usual pumps and all. Machang shoes are awesome and really creative. Major girl crush on her talents here XD

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