*MayoNaise* Poses

September 5, 2009

Yupx.. they are here! 3 packs of poses for your photograph/modelling/blogging/etc. needs..

lovestoryfinal copy

Love Story, is inspired by one of my favourite song’s music video by Taylor Swift

lettersfromwithinfinal copy

“Letters From Within” Pose pack was made to fill the need of poses suitable for skirts. With the exception of the 4th pose from the left, Fakes Denied, all the other poses are suitable to use with poofy skirts.

seasidewondersfinal copy

Likewise “Love Story” pose pack, “Seaside Wonders” offers a range of natural poses.

These poses are all avaliable in my store @ The Black Market. Individual poses cost 30L each while a fatpack of 5 poses cost 100L, meaning you get them all at 2/3 the original price! More clothes and poses will be coming soon! But for now, I hope you like this current release! <3

Taxi to MayoNaise



2 Responses to “*MayoNaise* Poses”

  1. Emi Bade Says:

    Nice and natural poses best for photoshooting <33
    I'll head to Black market :))

  2. I’m a huge fan of natural poses since that is what I prefer for blogging teehee <3 So tried my take on them and am really glad you like them emi =)

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