Postcards From Abroad

August 26, 2009

There are some designers that never fail to impress you. Sugarcube and Ohmai are some of them. In lieu of the opening of The Black Market, I went with a folk theme here. the ruffles shirt and the belt which is a part of a pirate-style pants made by Anya are some of the exclusives avaliable at the black market from the aforementioned stores. I was looking for something in barerose when i landed in the accessories section. Lo and Behold, I found the bag which I lusted for but never did find it after seeing it on the barerose blog a few weeks back. \ o / On the sidenote, I’m slowly trying to catch up with blogging, and fitting back into a student life… so if I promise you smth and its not up yet, it’ll be up ASAP kays? Much love for now… Tomoyo <3


Hair: [OH] ::::(o_x)::::oH MY FALLL – BL
Skin: JM:Mai skin_Jellisizm spot v1
Top: ::SUGARCUBE – Ruffled Silk Shirt
Skirt: {Boutique} Old West: Prairie Prim II Skirt
Belt: (Part of) !Ohmai: Sparrow Rendezvous [ENVIOUSELEMENTS] (modded and tinted yellowish) + (Part of) (Madsy) Peplum skirt – green
Tattoo: DUBOO*leafy tattoo
Bag: ::: B@R ::: Nadeshiko Kinchaku Red
Head Accessory: (CREAMSHOP) Caribbean basket
Bangle: [ICoN]VU Bangle =Gunmetal/Unisex= So Kinky Vol.9 exclusive(1)
Socks: +mocha+ – Loose Socks – Plain Dirty [Beige]

5 Responses to “Postcards From Abroad”

  1. OMG! love the bag!!!! barerose like a treasure island lol But always fail to rezz ahaha *needs super super computer!*
    Joman’s skin is really good on you! you looks like super shy girl hehe pretty!!
    I’m sigh for your beginning of school. But the school life is more fun than SL. hehe After graduated, you’ll realize the school life is the best time of your whole life. So enjoy and study hard! tomo <3

  2. heh… joman skins do have a mysterious effect on people and their shapes. I love them! Lolx shop from the website! i recently discovered it and it tells you where everything is whee! I’ll pass you the url when i get home =)
    Ahhh school.. i prefer it to working tyvm but its making me super busy this sem and this blog deadies… :(

  3. linkademina Says:

    Thats a great look !:)

  4. Yay thanks linka! <3

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