Introducing… MayoNaise!

August 24, 2009

Hey everyone! Its been ages since I last blogged. For the past 2 weeks a couple of friends and I have been busy setting up A black market. 40 stores have been invited to sell exclusive items or discounted items at the sim. I took the opportunity to launch my 1st shop in SL..

storelogo4 copy

MayoNaise will specialise in creating poses and clothings. For the opening, I’ve put the following 2 items for sale. Poses will come later this week ^^

First up is the frilly vest is named after my favourite korean song, Mirotic, which you probably have seen over at Anya’s blog here and sue’s flick stream here. I’ve always been complaining about the lack of vests in SL and decided to take matters into my own hands *humph*. XD  The vests are sold at 120L each and the fatpack is avaliable at 400L, 2/3 of the total price.  

Mirotic Vendor

The second item I have to offer is a tie dyed tube top, perfect for the summer weather. The tube tops are sold at 100L each and the monotone version *point… the black and white one*is avaliable as a limited time dollarbie. The freebies of all the participating stores are on the little boats. oh btw, beware of the ghost? XD

artprojectvendor1 copy

There is also a welcome gift avaliable in my subscribo! ^^

I’ll be back to showcase other store items soon. For now, here’s your ride to MayoNaise and I hope you like the items! ^^

Taxi to MayoNaise

<3 Tomoyo

3 Responses to “Introducing… MayoNaise!”

  1. moddishh gossipgirl Says:

    you’re the bestest :D by far <3

  2. proud of you!!! <33

  3. I LOVE YOU 2 too! If it won’t for you guys, Maynaise will neveh have opened. XD muahssssss

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