Moving Forward

July 7, 2009

I did mention in my last post that Surf Couture won the “Oscar” for the best summer wear this year. This point is proved further with Emma Gilmour’s latest release. I fell in love with the dress colleen. With everyone else doing a beach look to it, I thought I’ll glam it up abit. Ehh, my inventory is fill with too much black *hides in shame*. Yet, the white flowers on colleen stand out much, sparkling like diamonds against the black that couldn’t resist adding colleen in black to the collection. *teehee*. The skin is a pre release group gift from v9 which I urge everyone to get it before its gone. This summer crisp tone which I’m spotting is lovely and in my opinion, seem to have less shine than the past line’s darker shades. Anyone that followed this blog would know my obssession with lips and v9 has hit the mark. I lurve lurve lurve the shading on this that gives such a cute delicate pout. This unnamed skin has a really young and innocent face on the whole. My only pet peeve with them would be the shading and seems, which could definitely be improved further. Well, I guess we only have to wait and see the final product to make a valid judgement on them. The rest of the look fell together, keeping in my a flapper-ish theme. Flappers and Feathers go together in my mind and in comes the feather armpiece Brutus Martinek just released. Gosh she’s a genius! Say bye bye to having to edit feathery arm pieces into bangles XD. The pearls add such an expensive touch to the armpiece. <3 With that much black in the outfit, I wanted a nude colour shoes and the kookie shoes were the 1st item that came to mind. By the way, the kookie shoes are one of the items featured in the new issue of ROLE, which is psst.. out! Read it here XD Sayonara for now.. hope you like it!

Listening to: 8Eight – Goodbye My Love 


Hair: Wot? – Hair 014 {Starlust}
Skin: (vive9) Summer Crisp Pre-Release (group gift)
Dress: [SC] Surf Couture – Colleen – Black
Inner Shirt: (Part of) YIPs blackskulldress
Gloves: Barerose Rosarium Gloves
Tattoo: Skulls tattoo by IrEn
Head Accessory: Fuel Flowery peacock
Ring: P.C; Diamond Encrusted Square Cut Amethyst Ring
Bangle: Pididdle Pitseleh Pearl Armpiece
Shoes: Kookie Chic heels – Creamy Latte

4 Responses to “Moving Forward”

  1. slmodecom Says:

    hello Tomoyo :)
    At first, I want to say I really love the photo!!
    Nice compositon, indeed.

    The dress and arm bangle you put togetgether so nicely.
    Great post :)

  2. Emi Bade Says:

    aww, the comment above I posted with my website name, sorry!!
    I’m Emi ;)

  3. LOLX! You’re cute! XD You’re welcome to post with your website name anything ^^
    Anyways, arigatou! I love the dress and arm bangle together too ^^ Its my favourite part of the outfit and the easiest items to pick while dressing. =)

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