Coffee Beans

June 29, 2009

The picture below is taken at the coffee shop on Eugene. The cafe had such a cozy feel and I couldn’t resist taking a snap by the food display. *noms* <3 Tomoyo

Listening to: Simple Plan – I’m Just A Kid



Hair: {HTD} Lux

Skin: *blowpop* N2 Elizabeth -tone C- Pre-Release Group Preview

Jacket: (:;S&S;:) Short Parka_Pink

Dress: K&CO – Don’t Rain On My Parade – Blue Flowers

Bag: Aitui – Bag – Night Messenger – Freedom Wanted (Group Gift)

Key Chain: :sey RJK2/glove holder//B-black

Hehez. I’ve always loved putting key chains on my bags.

Bracelet: :+*R*+: Myrten Bracelet

Glasses: Solar Eyewear ~ Nash

Bandaids: Domestic-V Kiss My Knee Bandaids

Mouth Accessory: BP*sprig 3/iwaki/2009-6 (Group Gift)

Shoes: {SMS} Mosaic Ballerina Shoes Brown

Pose by Esme Milena!

Taken @ Eugene

4 Responses to “Coffee Beans”

  1. haydenpalmira Says:

    Mmmmm for cakes and coffee! What I really love though is that jacket and dress together. So casual, cute, and nonchalant – perfect for a Sunday at the cafe. <3

  2. oh i like the music!
    and you are always so lovely.
    and i wanna meet you soon.
    cuz i have to tell you something! (‘ㅈ’)

  3. Hayden: Thank yous! Now I totally feel like eating cake XD

    Newreem: LOLX! We just met and bounce all over the grid today yay! Btw, that message totally sound like a gesture in my head XD Love you gesture queen! <3 *smooches* And SIMPLE PLAN IS AWESOME NO MATTER WHAT LEXI SAYS! XD

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