Buffet Spead!

June 21, 2009

Hem hem.. we’ll having a feast and the main course is.. HAIR! ^^

Yupx! The much awaited Hair Fair 2009 is finally here! Lol it even caused SL to had problems earlier on ^^ I was lucky enough to be given a sneak preview of the Hair Fair sims and I truly thank the organisers for it. The sim is super pretty! I love everything from the innovative vendors and decoration to the candies and treasures (refering to the awesome hair sold) hidden around. Hair Fair 2009 simply blown me away. Below is a menu of some of my favourites. *Yum Yum* Larger pictures can be found on my flickr. <3 Hair Fair is definitely one of my favourite events of the year.. so GO and prepare to get broke! oh and maybe hungry too XD The list of stores and its locations can be found at Sassy’s blog. It proved to be very useful to me when I attacked the stores earlier. Have fun! <3

Hair Fair 5

Glasses: Twee | Top: Sugarcube | Necklace: Atelier AM


Hair Fair 2

Shirt (Pic 1& 2): Nylon Outfitters | Earrings (Pic 2): Glow Studio


Hair Fair 3

Jacket (Pic 1): Milk Motion | Jacket (Pic 2): Spice&Sugar


Hair Fair 1

Glasses (Pic 1): Twee | Shirt (Pic 1&2): Miu | Necklace (Pic 2): Cursed Jewellery


Hair Fair 4

Tanks by Anya Ohmai <3 | Shorts (Pic 1&2): Boom | Glasses (Pic 2&3): Twee | Toast (Pic 2): Hanauta | Necklace (Pic 2): Milk Motion | Necklace (Pic 3): Vintagewear | Brooch (Pic 4): Gumi’s Bad Box

Skin (All Pics): Curio – April

3 Responses to “Buffet Spead!”

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  2. SugarKane Gumbo Says:

    I love this so much hon! Well Done!

  3. Thanks SugarKane! Hahaz. I had lots of fun making the pictures <3

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