Bon Voyage

June 1, 2009

Have been packing for my trip for the last few hours. Gosh, my RL wardrobe is as messy as my SL inventory.. took so long just to pack for a week long trip XD. Not much newness in this outfit, just wanted to play with what I had in my inventory. This look contains items from 2 of my favourite stores, Bare Rose *which I am a total junkie of*, Milk Motion *<3* and Cupcakes. The cupcakes suspender set is one of their really old releases but till now, it remains a favourite of mine. The sequin part of the shirt is a stroke of designing genius. Just wished it came in a seperate layer for mix and matching purposes. Instead of wearing it with the shorts or high waisted skirt it came with, I took the skirt part of the black belted dress, another item from the store so the top and skirt looks like a nice, simple dress together. I wanted to glam up the neckline but was not satisfied with any of the necklaces I had. The collar that came with the Bare Rose Disco outfit thus serve the purpose with slight adjustment. The jacket has been on the feed for so many times that I’m sure many of you may be sick of seeing it. Yet its impossible to deny its awesomeness. I lurve how the jacket is one of its kind on the grid, design wise. Its simply different and something never done before. Milk Motion is a store which has been churning out releases which are not only stunning, but different. This simply reflects the much creativity of its awesome owner and designer, Marie Lauridsen. The hair is a gift from Magika during the Keys hunt. It has little butterflies on the back of the pretty pony tail. Cuteness! O_O What’s a traveller without a lugagge. This vintage luggage from Argyle completed the look. The stickers on the front of the luggage enable me to pass off as a frequent traveller. Hehez. Maybe I’ll get a better seat? XD ok just kidding hahaz..

Sayonnara for now! In the words of my good friend cayce newell *rofl she’s gonna kill me for this if she ever reads this post XD*, Be good! ~~



Hair: Magika Hair – Flutter – White A (VIP Key Hunt Gift, no longer avaliable)

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] April-Showers 1

Jacket: (Milk Motion) My admiral jacket

Top: Cupcakes Suspender Shorts – White Top w/ Suspenders

Skirt: (Part of) M&R Cupcakes – Mini Dress-Black

Gloves: ::: B@R ::: Rosarium Gloves

Collar: ::: B@R ::: Diamond Disco Silver Collar

Bracelet: <X> Argyle Autumn Heather Bangles (freebie)

Suitcase: Argyle – Vintage Traveler’s Suitcase

Pencil: (Part of) {Chori} The Soulful & Poetic Table Set (unreleased)

Lashes: GLOW Studio Avantgarde. eyelashes – sylvialicious (Past Gift)

Socks: !tarnished :: Bon Bon azure

Shoes: Maitreya ChiChi Pumps – Black Velvet

Pose: Striking Poses


5 Responses to “Bon Voyage”

  1. moddishh gossipgirl Says:

    bon voyage and please remember to bring me back something <33 lawls.

  2. *hugs* Thankies! I prob buy lots of taiwan snacks back for people! Lolx XD

  3. ohmyohmai Says:

    whoohoooo remember to come back!!! *hugs*
    How long are u going forr????
    Muack muack~ Gonna miss you loads but have plenty of fun!!

  4. Little Apple Says:

    yeah thanks for rubbing in the vip hunt gift – no longer available. Yeah that’s cool. Fuck that stuff and fuck stores with their hunt shit. hunts are sooo lame. some of us have lives.

  5. Anya-poo ~ I’ll miss you too! *hugs* I’m coming back on sunday hehez :) muacks.. see ya inworld later! <3

    Dearest Little Apple,
    of course you have such an awesome life and could not do a hunt that all of us lower beings have time to do and yet have time to bitch on my blog. wow~ I'm sorry that you did not do the hunt cause you had such a live and didn't get the hair but I'm sure you can find something similar from stores such as Aden. And the next time you gonna comment and bitch on someone blog, stop and think. Not all of us will be sympathetic to your "plight", especially with such a rude comment.
    Sincerely, the salt rubber – tomoyo

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