Love Castle

May 8, 2009

My finger still hurts :( Not much in a typing mood today…

Tekuteku released some new hairs and this hairstyle, the ribbon style, is one of my fave new release. Tekuteku hair has such a girly touch to it. Worn together with the newly purchased :D curio skins, I felt that time has gone backwards and I’m back in my childhood.  The innocent expression the april 2 skins gave my shape got me into the mood to put together this little white ensemble, brighten up only by the basket of flowers, which are Dark Mouse’s May Group Gift. The top is from the pearl formal gown by KIWI. *Thank you Ivori!*  The delicate gold designs on the top of the dress, provided the detailing for this otherwise rather plain outfit. This gown is only one of the awesome designs that KIWI has to offer. KIWI has a collection of clothes ranging from really casual to formal.  I even saw pretty hair accessories in the shop. The shoes from Haysueiza completed the look. Have a lovely thursday nights folks! <3

Edit: I forgot to POST abt this! eeeps! Callie, aka the most awesome and creative person in the world, has declared next week as the 1st blogger’s appreciation week ever. That’s super cool and cute right! Read more about the event here. Aww next weeks gonna be fun? O_O

Photoshop Music: 卓文萱 – 愛的城堡  (Its the cutest MV ever! It made me super happy these past few days..)



Hair: =TEKUTEKU= ribbon

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] April-Redbud 1

Jacket: (Part of) p.c; Carnation Jacket


Skirt: ::: B@R ::: Chibi Denim Skirt

Scarf: ::: B@R ::: Sadie Brown Scarf

Bag: *Dark Mouse* Straw Summer Bag (Red)

Shoes: Haysueiza – Tukkake (Flower Sandal) (free)

Pose: Juicy

3 Responses to “Love Castle”

  1. ohmyohmai Says:

    Yayy!!!! *hugs*
    Sorry I logged so fast yesterday — kinda fell asleep on the keyboard lol!
    I love this look so much, I have this thing with white and I just go weak in the knees when I see a full fletch white outfit done in the right way ^^ hee..

    I love!!

  2. smooches anya! hahaz its okie! You should totally rest more XD
    hehehez. white totally rocks! awww ty!

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