March 6, 2009

Well a second post for the day cause I cant decide which accessories go best with this outfit. Well, I could emphasize on my fashion philosophy that the accessories MAKE the outfit. The post before was more of the “prissy” look, with the tweed jacket and such. Here, a change of accessories make the outfit more suitable for a day by the country. This combination here is beckoning me to spend an SL-day at the stables. *ooh SL horses are cute..*

The riding boots, which I cant remember if I blogged about before is another great are from …*pauses*… I don;t know where cause there’s no lm in the folder *wails*. If anyone recignise them please leave a comment? I love the slouchy feeling in this boots. Makes them look really comfortable for my SL-feet. The rosary was blogged by Ange a few days ago. I was lucky enough for the board to throw me a wildcard when I was shopping there the other day. Well its time for this girl’s bedtime. Have a great day! <3



Hair: Maitreya Piper II – Natural Blonde

Shirt: *CUPCAKES Simple Shimmer Tank – White

Shorts: (part of) **nikukyu** Stripe_PantsSet(brown) (nikukyu and MNK are in the same shop)

Scarf: [Decoy] Mraz Scarf – Sand


Necklace: [YFT}Rosary(wood)

Bangle: [VG Republic] Double African Bangle Bracelets

Hat: (part of) ETD – Janine

Boots: ELAN – Brown Moccasin  (edit: Thanks to Ange!)


9 Responses to “Indecisive”

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  2. Madisen Says:

    I love that outfit!

  3. Shanessa Says:

    I have the same issue sometimes with clothes, no LM in the folder. I just right click on them in the inventory and click properties, should give you the creators name…. if sl isn’t buggy.

  4. Modisen: I’m glad you like it :)

    Shanessa: Thanks for the tip. The creator name is masami Niekerk. Apparently her store is at the 2nd landmark in her picks (Well derived from whatever little Jap knowledge I have) =P) but it tped me to an empty plot of land… /me needs ange :P

  5. lol…ok i’ll see how they are called in my inventory tom, but dont think it’s that different from you…we took them together :)

  6. ok … store is called ELAN and this is the slurl i found

  7. WOOT yes i remember we took them together forgot ask you online tyty!

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