It’s Already Spring?

March 5, 2009

Well I finally finish all my stressful stuff for the week and went on a mega Japanese shop shopping spree today. This outfit is the result of 6 hrs of shopping. *ever heard of shop till youSLdrop? :P * The inspiration of this outfit came is the balloon dress from .:i *Towa* i:. , a little shop with a small range of clothes at the moment. I fell in love with it after nil’s post (her blog is one of my current obssessions ;) ) a few days ago. The designs are unique and the clothes are well made and affordable. If nil hasn’t convinced you to make avisit to the shop… ermm *kicks butt*…

Apparently its spring already O_O. I added a tinge of colour with this skirt, a part of the dress from NX. I love the prim flower by the side of the skirt. The bulky prim seem to make the skirt appear to be “blown upwards” by the wind, whee! Plus its a freebie, double whoopee! Till this day, I’m still amazed by the generosity of designers :) Lastly, apologies for clogging the feed with more apollon hats, they are simple just too divine to be left in the inventory… <3 hope you like it!

Its already spring?


Skin: Redgrave – Ashley

Hair: Maitreya Piper II – White

Shirt: (part of) .:i *Towa* i:.  balloon dress < black >

Skirt: (part of) Nardya Noir No.5 Prim Skirt Aqua (freebie)

Hat: (part of) Apollon/Homburg hat set01

Brooch: *PERSONA* Nola brooch-feather – grey

Belt: black_belt**nikukyu** (freebie in MNK shop)

Shoes: Maitreya SoHo Boots ‘Black Suede’

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