Recyling Fun

March 31, 2009

This outfit started with the Ibizzare pea coat which I picked up at a sale recently. I really love the colour but alas! a season too late. Indeed, winter outfits.. they are bought and worn over a period of 3-4 months, then left forgotten, buried in the depths of our inventory. In reality, we have an excuse of not using them. However, in SL, the pharse “Death by Heatstroke” is missing from out vocabulary. Why not recycle them and make them spring-like?




Hair: .+*Juju*+.Darkbrown [MS]

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] Lovely-Olive Branch 1

Coat: Ibizarre Pea Coat (wine)


Tights: !Doux Petit Dahl – Crochet Tights PINK

Corsage: :bijou: *FREE*DIVA ribboncorsage (slightly modded)


Shoes: Gbberish** Twin Hearts Wedges (Tangerine)

Just Watch Me

March 30, 2009

Another trailer park worthy look. It started with the fannel shirt I picked up at the recent Chikka Designs Sale. I’ve declared my love for chikka’s designs prim and i’ll do it again. This is like one of the rare shops where I don’t have to adjust the collar prim. Not even repositioning it by a little! =P The shorts are something I had since my noob days from this little shop called yamy. They offer a small selection of women items – all below 50L. There’s also some men clothes avaliable at the same deal.

Autumn Hykova, of Pixel Dust fame, was kind enough to share this new hair of hers with me. This particular messy ponytail do is named esme. *wonders if its after the character in twilight.. I think too much =P* She paid really great attention to the textures. If you look closely, especially that front right prim, you can actually seee the individual strands of some hair. I love it! This hair will be released soon under her new brand Tiny Bird. So watch out for it! Thanks so much Autumn! You made me feel special XD

(Ps. I will upload a big pic of the hair tmr.. I’m sleepy now sorries..)

The shoes are from Gbberish, which is currently having a 1/2 price sale on all clothes and shoes till the 31st of March. These boots are really beautifully scrulpted. They have ribbons on the back. Gasp! Plus point! Hurry down before the sale ends.. the price of the boots are really really worth it!

Sidenote: Ibizzare is having a 10L sale on all items on the 2nd floor of the shop till 2pmSLT today.  Do remember the lag rule and reduce you ACR! Keep trying to get in the region. Its mainly old stuff but worth the effort nonetheless…



Hair: .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Esme – Licorice

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] Lovely-Olive Branch 2

Shirt: Chikka Design  Flanellblouse

Shorts + Suspenders: *yamy*Suspender Jeans

Boots: Gbberish** Beauchamp Heels (Sand)

Bangle: (Part of) .:MALT:. Hunt 3/10

Sunglasses: [  e l y s i o n    o p t i c ]   ~amitayus~

Bag: [LeLutka]-SACK bag/goldenrod_AO (group gift)


March 26, 2009

I’m feeling abit blah blah. Instead of writing a typical blog entry, I thought I share the song that inspired this outfit…

tian kong shi qing lang de
The sky is sunny and cloudless

meng xiang ran shao zhe kuai le
Dreams are kindling happiness

xiang xin wo he ni shi zui ku de
(I) believe that me and you are the coolest

han shui tong kuai liu zhe
Sweats are flowing merrily

yong qi rang ai shan liang zhe
Bravely, let the love shine

yong gan bu pa lei
The brave is not scared of being tired

zhi dao wo men dou xiao le
Until we both smile

张韶涵 – 我恋爱了 (Watch here)



Hair: Truth – Amber

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] Lovely-Olive Branch 1

Top: *CUPCAKES! Spring Halter Top (modded prim) (lucky chair)


Jacket: AOHARU – ShortJeanJacket_Blue

Tights: !Doux Petit Dahl – Crochet Tights Grape

Shoes: SKG – Zoe Pumps (Stacked) – Black

Bag: +plus *Absolut Essential” HandBag in Teal/White (Past Group Gift)

Necklace: (Milk Motion) my huuuge necklace black

Boho Love Again…

March 23, 2009

Blogging at 1.30am. XD I must be crazy. Sorry for any incoherent sentences…

I discovered DahliaJames’ store, !Doux Petit, by accident earlier tonight. This boho dress, one of her latest release just caught my eye. I must say, the texture is stunning and the whole dress has a really smooth and flowy feeling. The dress prim is really well done. I did shrink the prim a little as I’m not really a fan of calf length dresses, and well the original seemed a little big for my peitite shape. But even after much shrinking, I was surprised that I did not have to edit each and every prim seperately to fit. Such joys! Not much accessorizing was done. Just a jacket and some cute earrings to complete the look. The dress simply has to be the focus of the outfit. I really look forward to future release by !Doux Petit. <3 Ciao!

Ps. Incidently, Dahlia’s mainstore is the one beside Modd.G. Lolx. so you could check both of them out when you visit the store :)




Hair: >TRUTH< Amber – mocha

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] Lovely-Olive Branch 2

Jacket: MichaMi: Noomi Jacket in Black

Dress: !Doux Petit – Boho Sheer – Mustard

Earrings: Ear Candy ~ Copper Filegree Earring

Shoes: STYLE – Inner Hoochie Shoe – Black V2

Bag: ::: B@R ::: Clutch Bag Yellow


March 21, 2009

I am a bad blogger. You find out why I have been missing.. ermm soon :P

I simply love the feeling of shopping at barerose. Its like the SL fashion equivalent of Honeydukes (its the candy store in the Harry Potter series). There’s boxes after boxes of products packed to their brim, cheap prices, a raffle ball or rather the clown that hands out “lollipops”, and contest through the ever “lovable” luck chairs. Everytime I go there, I discovered something different, something new. Its no exception this time. The Tokyo Drive set, which I believe is one of June’s latest release is my latest indulgence from barerose. I fell in love with the vibrant and striking colours from this set. Plus, there’s a PINK one, one of the in colours this spring which starts TODAY!  Secondly, HOC, which I’ve blogged sometime ago, release a fabulous pair of sketchers for a mere 30L. Like all its other products, its scripted to colour change. Guys don’t be sad. This pair of sketchers come in both guy and gal versions in the same package! Yupx yupx that’s all for today.. signing off <3 Tomoyo




Hair: ETD Janine – Chestnut

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] Lovely-Olive Branch 1

Top: (Part of) ::: B@R ::: Tokyo Drive

Shorts: {Gisaci} Buone Vacanze Shorts

Necklace: (Milk Motion) my huuuge necklace black

Shoes: HOC Apparel – Chucks – Plain Color Pack

Earrings: [LeLutka] GRACE EARRINGS- by Miabella

Bag: ::: B@R ::: Clutch Bag Yellow


March 16, 2009

I’ve got to say something. The grid has been quiet lately on the fashion side. Sorry for the lack of updates. My head has been blocked in regards to fashion since the BA post hahaz.

This outfit was one I wore during my shifts at Seven, which is a totally awesome club, to work and hang in. The top worn is another from Beauty Avatar’s wonderful line. I totally fell in love with the metallic texture of the top. It screams glam, yet not overdone at the same time. This particular shade of gold is such a beauty too. Furthermore, there is a cute little jacket to protect my shoulders from the spring breeze. W&Y has always been a favourite of mine for cheap and quality hair. I visited the store a few days ago and to my surprise, the store revamped! The interior is changed, and there are many many new releases. This hair shown below is one of the latest release from W&Y. For a mere 100L, this hair comes in 2 version, all shades avaliable and a flower. Yea.. there has been a marked up in price since we last heard about them. But I personally felt the new styles are totally worth the extra. Plus, the hair looks kinda retextured and fuller now, a big plus for me as I disliked the thin strands of hair on the older hairs.  Tights were added to “colour” up the outfit.


Hope you like it <3 Enjoy your sundays!


Hair: *W&Y  83*TEX

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] Lovely-Olive Branch 2

Top: (part of) *Beauty Avatar* A&A Iamonia

Shorts: {Gisaci} Buone Vacanze Shorts

Belt: *COCO*_gift-belt

Tights: FTV- Fucsia Leggings

Earrings: =IZUMIYA=Pierced earrings/Black Cat

Shoes: Maitreya – ChiChi Black


Edit: I’m an idiot. i forgot to say the hair is scripted to change texture/colours. So don’t be surprised that you only find 2 items in the 100L folder. They are helping you save inventory space! :D

Beautify me please?

March 11, 2009

Woot! I finally finish the post I have been working on since Sunday *whistles*. When Saretta contacted me to do a review for beauty avatar, I was in shocked… yupx imagine a girl manically grinning at her computer and you will get me at that point of time.

I chose to use the dress from the Inaya outfit as my base and created 3 different outfits from it. The dress caught my eye immediately while browsing their flickr catalouge. I love the silky feeling of the dress. Plus, its white, the colour of an empty canvas. Perfect for accessorizing.

The 1st look is a rather simple one. A simple jacket, another of beauty AV latest release. Not much accessorizing except for the big fabulous Fabulous bag which gave a splurge of colour to the whole look. Chicoco is a store which i recently went back to visit. Reasonable prices and really cute stuff. This hairband was one that I was eyeing back in my noob days and I’m happy its finally in my inventory yay!



The 2nd look. Ah,  it started with this so many styles jacket. In a bid to challenge myself to stay away from the usual blacks and whites, I picked up this limegreen one which I absolutely love. The gold patterns on the jacket seem to pop on the green background. *Quick random fact: Green + Gold reminds me of Hari Raya, the Malays new year :)* I wanted a belt that peek from under the jacket. After much tweaking and heavy modding, I managed to fit this chain belt, which comes with the Inaya outfit under the jacket. I attached a earring onto the belt too, serving as a charm for the belt itself. I love the outcome. Yes.. finally Dejavu’s yuria is mine too :)



One of the things I love is to wear the bottom parts of dresses as skirts, either with a belt or a oversized top to hide the seems. The ones with sculpted skirts, such as Inaya here, works best worn with this method, as the top seems are rather even. The following look showcases one of the jacket by one of my besties, Moddish Gossipgirl. The sculptie at the bottom of the jacket was really useful in this outfit, allowing a smooth transition between the top and bottom. One of the other things I “borrowed” from beauty avatar is their latest skins, the Tabita line. Likewise other beauty avatar skins, Tabita comes with a slightly glossy face and a range of dramatic, high fashion makeups. I was really attracted to the pouty and full lips these skins possesses. I just wished there was a darker brow option for this skin. The hair flower is a recent find from the shop !!wild O. I was just visiting their new store at the frolics sim when I saw this sophisticated flower for a mere 10L. I think its only for a limited time though(?)  Sometimes, simplicity is the best… not too extravegent, but bringing a lovely touch to the whole outfit.



The possibilities and ways to wear this dress is endless. Whether it is worn as a dress on the whole or as seperates, this dress is definitely a keeper. Hope you guys enjoyed the post! <3


Dress: *Beauty Avatar Couture* A&A Inaya


Outfit 1:

Hair: Maitreya Faye – Caramel

Skin: :GP: Petal [Dark] Lovely-Vintage Rose 1 (I swear I get these soon.. Maybe i should stop saving for a fatpack and just buy them already =P)

Jacket: (Part of) *Beauty Avatar* A&A Greta

Hairband: *chicoco* Gold parl Katsusha*s

Earrings: =IZUMIYA=Pierced earrings/Black Cat

Belt: (Part of) * M’z HN Sweater black *

Bag: .::FabulouS::.Record Bag

Shoes: Maitreya Chichi Pumps – Black


Outfit 2:

Hair: +++DEJAVU+++YURIA Caramel brown

Skin: Redgrave – Hana

Jacket: {SMS} Urban Deco Coat Seagreen

Belt Charm: +plus Meandros earring in Dark Gold (reattached at right pec)

Belt: (Part of) *Beauty Avatar Couture* A&A Inaya (heavily modded, tinted white, reattached at left pec)

Bag: Pixel Mode – Leeza Leopard Purse

Earrings: Made by me

Shoes: Maitreya Verve pumps – Black


Outfit 3:

Hair: >TRUTH< Amber – carrot

Skin: *Beauty Avatar* Thabita skin – natural 03

Shirt: Modd.G Eleanor Jacket (Red)

Scarf: (part of) ~*RunoRuno*~ Samaria

Head accessory: !!WILD O@Frolics02

Ring: ~flirt~ Bloom Ring : Jasper/Bronze

Umbrella: *GC* Plaid Umbrella

Shoes: [KA] DESIGNS Shoes *Maika* GOLD


March 6, 2009

Well a second post for the day cause I cant decide which accessories go best with this outfit. Well, I could emphasize on my fashion philosophy that the accessories MAKE the outfit. The post before was more of the “prissy” look, with the tweed jacket and such. Here, a change of accessories make the outfit more suitable for a day by the country. This combination here is beckoning me to spend an SL-day at the stables. *ooh SL horses are cute..*

The riding boots, which I cant remember if I blogged about before is another great are from …*pauses*… I don;t know where cause there’s no lm in the folder *wails*. If anyone recignise them please leave a comment? I love the slouchy feeling in this boots. Makes them look really comfortable for my SL-feet. The rosary was blogged by Ange a few days ago. I was lucky enough for the board to throw me a wildcard when I was shopping there the other day. Well its time for this girl’s bedtime. Have a great day! <3



Hair: Maitreya Piper II – Natural Blonde

Shirt: *CUPCAKES Simple Shimmer Tank – White

Shorts: (part of) **nikukyu** Stripe_PantsSet(brown) (nikukyu and MNK are in the same shop)

Scarf: [Decoy] Mraz Scarf – Sand


Necklace: [YFT}Rosary(wood)

Bangle: [VG Republic] Double African Bangle Bracelets

Hat: (part of) ETD – Janine

Boots: ELAN – Brown Moccasin  (edit: Thanks to Ange!)

Let’s Shop in Style

March 5, 2009

Just a casual look which I was sporting while hopping round the grid today. From the shorts to the necklace, this is exactly something I would wear in RL.  In fact, I’m wearing something like this while typing this post :P

MNK is another Japanese store I discovered from creator’s pavilion *Gosh I love those events*. Their clothes are really versatile and feminine, perfect for this girly girl. For 90L i got like 4 options for these striped pants- a pair of shorts (which I’m wearing here), a pair of pants, and a pair of half – pants. The tableau sim which was recently reopened is simply bursting with colours, seemingly welcoming our bright and colourful spring yay! This necklace is from (yummy), the accessories shop owned by Nylon Pinkey located in Tableau. Oh gosh, I am simply attracted to the details in this necklace. From the lovely charms to the carefully done beads… its really the sort of necklaces I love to don on in RL. A closer look of the necklace is shown in the 2nd picture below. The inner shirt is a new release from the wonderful M&R cupcakes. Mimi and Rosemary never disappoint me in their new releases. *whee!* The lace on this particular top seem to remind me of the “itchy” yet lovely spagetti strips i bought from Esprit a few years back. Aren’t you glad that fashion is not a “pain” in SL? <3<3




Hair: Maitreya Piper II – Natural Blonde

Shirt: *CUPCAKES Simple Shimmer Tank – White

Jacket: **DP**naughity jelly besns(olive) (freebie)

Cuffs: (Part of) :bijou: *FREE* Domani (freebie)

Shorts: (part of) **nikukyu** Stripe_PantsSet(brown) (nikukyu and MNK are in the same shop)

Necklace: (Yummy) Portrait Necklace

Shoes: STYLE – Inner Hoochie Shoe – Black


It’s Already Spring?

March 5, 2009

Well I finally finish all my stressful stuff for the week and went on a mega Japanese shop shopping spree today. This outfit is the result of 6 hrs of shopping. *ever heard of shop till youSLdrop? :P * The inspiration of this outfit came is the balloon dress from .:i *Towa* i:. , a little shop with a small range of clothes at the moment. I fell in love with it after nil’s post (her blog is one of my current obssessions ;) ) a few days ago. The designs are unique and the clothes are well made and affordable. If nil hasn’t convinced you to make avisit to the shop… ermm *kicks butt*…

Apparently its spring already O_O. I added a tinge of colour with this skirt, a part of the dress from NX. I love the prim flower by the side of the skirt. The bulky prim seem to make the skirt appear to be “blown upwards” by the wind, whee! Plus its a freebie, double whoopee! Till this day, I’m still amazed by the generosity of designers :) Lastly, apologies for clogging the feed with more apollon hats, they are simple just too divine to be left in the inventory… <3 hope you like it!

Its already spring?


Skin: Redgrave – Ashley

Hair: Maitreya Piper II – White

Shirt: (part of) .:i *Towa* i:.  balloon dress < black >

Skirt: (part of) Nardya Noir No.5 Prim Skirt Aqua (freebie)

Hat: (part of) Apollon/Homburg hat set01

Brooch: *PERSONA* Nola brooch-feather – grey

Belt: black_belt**nikukyu** (freebie in MNK shop)

Shoes: Maitreya SoHo Boots ‘Black Suede’