Fusion of The East and The West

February 26, 2009

Today’s style kinda cross this barrier between the east and the west.  Just like  how harmony is prevalent in all parts of the world, clothes from different ethnic groups blends well too. Here, I’m wearing items which originate from 3 different countries, mainly Japan, America(?) (where did jeans and dresses come from? *tomoyo ponders*) and Russia. It may seem weird on the whole, with a non existent theme throughout. But on closer look, I like how the colours and subtle patterns of the different elements complement and balances each others. The delicate patterns on the Barerose kimono top softens the hard textures of the runoruno undress cocktail dress. The fur cap softens the entire “goth” look, with its colour keeping the outfit from sinking into the “too black” region. The wide cuffs of these jeans and shirt balances the tight “bodice” of the outfit.

Bleh. Someone must cure me of my bad habit of using demos for pictures. The curio skins are too lovely… I should get them soon. Ya, soon…. This one here is breeze, another favourite :)



Skin: :GP:  Petal [Dark] Breeze-Sepia 2

Hair: Maitreya – Apple (ebony)

Dress: ~*RunoRuno*~ UNDress Cocktail Black

Shirt: ::: B@R ::: Free Rose Mini Kimono Shirt

Jeans: WoE GRJ-F3c Luce Jeans – Christmas

Hat: AOHARU – FluffyHat_Brown

Shoes: Maitreya – Verve Red


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