Girls Night Out

February 6, 2009

Ahh, its friday again. Well at least in my timezone :) Pink Oufitters is currently holding a 50L sale! Yes its sale after sales, all this fashionista has to say? Wow i love this part of the year :P London Dailey’s clothes are simply amazing. The colours are rich and the textures are stunning. One of the things that caught my eyes is this printed dress below simply caught my eyes.

The dreamer party dress simply remind me of something I would wear to a party. Just in time for friday nights I would say. The bottom is simply lovely, with a little tutu peeking from the bottom. The only complain would be the lack of layers. This dress only came in a jacket and pants layers (boo hoo). Disastrous for layering addicts… Yet, the good outweighs the bad and I’m currently proudly strutting this dress on the streets of SL.

I wanted the dress to be the main focus of the outfit, thus explaining the light accessories used. Some bangles from Zaara and VG republic and a matching hat from aoharu and I’m ready to go. Maitreya’s Chichis – don’t get sick of it please? Its justifiably overblogged in every sense.

Leaving you guys with the song that inspired my mood and the outfit. Ps.  sorry I’m kinda a miley fan too LOL. :P

Don’t call me
leave me alone,
Not gonna answer my phone,
Cuz I don’t,
No I won’t
See you.
I’m out to have a good time,
To get you off of my mind.
Cuz I don’t,
and I won’t
need you.

Send out a 911
We’re gonna have some fun,
hey boy you know you know you’d better run!

Cuz it’s a girls night,
It’s all right without you.
I’m gonna stay out
and play out
without you
You’d better hold tight
Cuz girls night’s without you!



Hair: Detour – Rhapsody II

Hat: AOHARU – MiniHeadAccessory_Zebra

Dress: [Pink] The Dreamer Party Dress – euclia pink

Shoes: Maitreya – ChiChi Black

Earrings: -EARTHTONES- Circles Earrings w/teardrops Black

Bangles: ZC : Kaya Cornelian bracelet gold (reattached to left hand) & [VG Republic] Double African Bangle Bracelets

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