European Dreams

January 29, 2009

Between Chinese New Year (happy MOOOO year!), assignments and getting addicted to twilight fanficition, i hardly had time or the mood to update last week. Sorry for the delay. While posting, I have a sudden craving to go to europe! hahaz.. and hear british accents :P No offence but I think the Londeners drawls *swoons at robert pattinson:)* has the cutest drawls in the world. *dreamy eyes* Well, they speak perfect-o english hehez. Perhaps that’s the draw? Before I cannot resist the temptation to drown myself in twilight fanfictions again (I’m reading one called Bella Hale which is soo good!), I’ll leave you with an outfit to work your way through the SL shopping streets.. tata!




Hair: >TRUTH< Morgan (Best hair with cap ever!!)

Jacket: AOHARU – ShinyDownJK_Beige (ps. If you bought a version that did not inclue the female prisms, IM machang with your transaction details and she would send you the female version)

Vest: {Gisaci} Cambridge Knit Vest – Black

Sweater: **DP**yumyum:romantic sweater/navy (part of 2009 lucky bag)

Jeans: [VG Republic] ‘Female Dollarbie Denim’

Belt: ::: B@R ::: (Girl) Black Santa Belt (Pelvis) (modified) (Xmas ’08 hunt gift)

Boots: *bf*oxxo08 (previous hunt gift)

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