Summer, wish you were here…

January 21, 2009

I got sick of dressing winter. So this one is for SEA and Aussie friends out there :D

I was just hanging out in Reiko’s backyard the other day, but I looked like I’m dress for a summer party on the beach :P Hahaz. I’m like forever overdressed for occasions in SL. Nothing much to write since my brain seem dead today.  As usual, lots of layering in this outfit. I wish LL would give us one more top and bottom clothing layers. It would be Layering Heaven! ( * _ * )

Sorry guys, this is a photoshopped pic cause I was bored before lecture.



Hair: ETD- Charley Blond

Tube: (RB) Body Con Is Not Dead in Royal Signiture

Belt: ~silentsparrow~  bird on a wire waist cincher (group freebie)

Jacket: Luna mcMillan – Painte me in black Jacket

Shorts: ZC :  1 Mitya shorts *black*

Necklaces: Shampoooo – Clock Necklace & *UnTone* – snowdrop-yuki no hana- necklace

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