Truth Hair Deals!

January 20, 2009

WOOT! I’m finally in SL! (Meaning : ange can stop covering her ears to block out my moanings.) Thank you everyone who took time to comment and tried to help. It was a LL server issue I believe hahaz.. hopefully I can retain the ability to log in from now on :)

Nothing much today, just a quick post to alert you guys about Truth Hair Sale. Here’s the info from the NC:


Regular/tip packs 50L
Fat Packs 300L

End Date: 2/25/2009 (Thanks Ding for the info)


It seem to be the same deal as the “clearence” sale last year. Mmhm, I’m not really a great fan of truth but have spotted a few styles that totally screams “buy me”. Do check the shop before the deal ends!! Its a great deal where the prices are ridiculously cheap, me likey sales. Plus, hairs are great way to change the look of an outfit :)

On the side note, /me really love Jan exceptionally much this year, with sales, new year parties and CHINESE NEW YEAR which is coming next week!!!

Regular fashion blogging will resume tmr :)

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