A Plea For Help

January 16, 2009

I’ve been asking for help all over the place, especially ange lolx, but my issue is still not solved. Basically, I am locked out of SL. I can’t finish loading the game. It just freezes at the “connecting to region” screen of the loading part. It has been like that for close, if not more than 36 hrs now. The last time it happened, I was able to log in the next day. But this time nothing. I’m pretty sure I’m not frozen cause ange checked for me and I log out properly. I tried logging in at different regions, reinstalling, changed the computer but to no avail. I’m still locked out. Really Really upset right now. Tia, whom I met through the SL forums is having the same problems as me. We submitted tickets and Tia got an answer 1st:

There’s a possibility that the region you’re attempting to log into in Second Life is down for a few minutes (it might be restarting). If Second Life just crashed or you were disconnected, it’s possible you’re attempting to log in from a bad location.

Try changing your login location and log in again.

If you’re running a firewall or firewall/internet security software, it may have a security warning in the background that’s interrupting Second Life’s login process. You may have to reconfigure or disable this third-party software to use Second Life.

If you’re using wireless networking, you may want to try a wired connection.

During periods of high activity, the login process may pause during Connecting to Region. In this case, wait for Second Life to return to the Login screen, or display an error message.

You might also try uninstalling Second Life, then installing it again from [url]http://secondlife.com/download[/url], to remove any temporary files that might affect the login process.

Totally WTF! Lets see, we tried logging in at different locations, still stuck. We tried reinstalling, still stuck. Pretty sure it has nothing to do with our computers or internet connection. It gets stuck at connecting to region for 3 hrs before we finally give up and restart the programme. I bet if I leave it on for 24 hrs, the outcome will still be the same. Definitely not firewall cause my firewall has always been on when I play SL w/o any effects? To be on the safe side, I tried and its still not working. :(

We’re pissed. Since the lindens are entirely useless, (bleh are they uni grads or not? Lacking of critical thinking and analysis skills much? Come on you invented the programme, surely you have a backdoor just in case? Bleh its not like biology where there’s unknown bacteria roaming around. Come on, SL is man-made! /me is feeling super sacarstic.), I’m asking anyone who have information and insights on this problem to please leave a comment. I’m really frustrated and pissed and sad… :( The thread Tia opened is here.

/me really wanna get back to blogging (lookbook has inspired me alot!), start on the pic for freak show and do that photoshoot for jiro and sheepie *sadface*

So please, help?  THANKS!

15 Responses to “A Plea For Help”

  1. still nothing?????????? wtf???!!! oh dear…you have all my compassion :(

  2. Tomoyo Breitman Says:

    Zip Zlich nothing. 4th day in a row… I’m going mad! I wanna blog! I already told log i might have to drop out of freak show :(

  3. sheepie Says:

    hmm tomo, jun and rei have been having the same problems…they can’t login their main accounts, esp at night. but they can login their alts. then at very late at night (1am onwards) they can login already. how weird is that o.O funny thing is, they’re both on starhub…are you also using that?

    i think SL server got problem man…

    bleh, i was wondering what happened to you!

  4. Tomoyo Breitman Says:

    Is SL server larx! You see this thread in forum: http://forums.secondlife.com/showthread.php?p=2289817

    I file ticket on fri horx bloody linden haven reply. Den the solution they give many others with same problem also cannot work one. Tell them file ticket too. and I confirm its not starhub. I tink if wed cannot work I go sch use their IP address and try lorx. WAHHH!!!

  5. Tomoyo Breitman Says:

    WHA wait 1am den can log in?! SIAO? I cant log in on main account in morning, afternoon and night. hmmm i try 1am later? LOLX

  6. sheepie Says:

    haha ya, you try at school lah. eh yours very jialat leh, i think rei and jun still can go in the daytime…and very late at night they can come in also. lol

  7. Tomoyo Breitman Says:

    Alamak sia y my pet society also like got problem sad face.. i try at 1am later :(
    Sheepie ask rei and junz see if they can load pet society at this timing? Maybe its starhub? LOL

  8. sheepie Says:

    rei and jun also have problems with pet society…lol

  9. sheepie Says:

    hey tomoyo, yuu’s friend who is a linden said try logging in to the pooley region…it has a special server.

  10. enaid miklos Says:

    If you know where you last were someone can go and look for you there’s a chance your “frozen” inworld someone will need to reset the sim or eject you from it and you should be ok after that do you remember where you were last?

  11. Tomoyo Breitman Says:

    Enaid: Nopez my friend already checked for me on thurs night. I’m not frozen or anything that sort :) Thanks anyways…

    Sheepieeee: u have slurl for pooley region marx??

  12. sheepie Says:

    i don’t have leh…you try asking junz? he managed to login to pooley last night. msg him on fb bah…

  13. Kita Says:

    Have you tried to download OpenDNS? I used to have a lot of log-in problems until I downloaded it. I’m not exactly sure what it does, but it mostly seems to work.

  14. Tomoyo Breitman Says:

    I’m IN!!! woot!! see you inworld! /me is back to fashion blogging!!

  15. enaid miklos Says:

    woohoooo yay!

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