Fur Cap Love

January 13, 2009

Alrighty guys, I haven’t finished this aoharu sale but have been walking around in this outfit, inspired by the aoharu fur cap, for a few days now… so I thought I share 1st. The fur cap.. what can I say? ITS FINALLY MINE!! YAY!! 2 hrs of search and lots of moaning, sheepie finally located the whereabouts of this little cutie. I saw a cap like this in nu you, aka the taiwan magazine I’m obssess with, a while ago, on thir cover model, vivian hsu (who is a GREAT singer btw) and wanted this added to my virtual closet. I remembered aoharu have a cap like this but didn’t manage to drag myself there till the sale :P

As mentioned, this perfecto cap inspired the rest of the outfit. The magazine showed the hat in a casual light, but I wanted something chic and yet girly at the same time. I found the cupcakes suspender set skirt lying about my inventory and thought it was the perfect skirt for this look. Yes, this skirt has been blogged numerous of times. Yet, I would continue to agree that this perfectly scrupted item is a great basic, high waisted skirt and an essential to our virtual inventory. The yellow belt which came with the set greatly brightens the dull, brown-ish outfit colour. Checks are an “in thing” for this winter season and the domani brown jacket from bijou, a freebie I believe, matched perfectly. I particularly love the cuffs of this set. Can’t believe its a freebie. (A big thankyou to bijou owners here.). The necklace is from shampoo during the footprint hunt and it adds a reminisence feel to the outfit, in theme with the fur cap. Maitreya soho boots and a complementary knee length socks completed the look.

*Remember, the aoharu sale ends this sunday, 17/1 and CSR ends 18/1.




Hair: =TEKUTEKU= 2008 autumn freebie-hair  (smoky beige)

Cap: AOHARU – FluffyHat_Brown

Jacket: :bijou: Domani jacket [Brown set]

Scarf: [gisele] enroulent/ecru drape (tinted)

Skirt + Belt: M&R Cupcakes Modern Suspender Set – Yellow/Brown

Boots: Maitreya – Soho Boots

Socks: Maitreya – Toeless Slouch Brown

Necklace: Shampoooo Clock Necklace (FootPrint Hunt)


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