Aoharu Sale

January 11, 2009


For the 1st time in my SL life, aoharu is having a sale!

Here’s the details i copied from the official blog:


Half Price Sale Term
Start : 2009.01.10 (SLT5:30AM)
End : 2009.001.17 (SLT11:00PM)


Why are you still here shoo! Ps. Its a really laggy sim so you might wanna just put on a tank and jeans and leave the prims at home. Remember the laggy sims courtesy rule :) I’ll be back tmr with my purchases and outfits :P Aoharu has literally burned a big fat hole in my Lindens wallet :( That’s all for now! Night!

2 Responses to “Aoharu Sale”

  1. Kita Says:

    Oh wow, I’m there :D

    Goodbye budget too.

  2. Tomoyo Breitman Says:

    Hahaz. Mine is already screwed… the 500L min budget was so not working lol… wants somemore moansss :P
    good luck on your budget kita :)

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