A Hint of Vintage

January 11, 2009

This look isn’t exactly new. Well, its outdated by a couple of days cause i was simply lazy to blog. Again, the inspiration is non other than out little gossip girl vixen, Blair.

Mixing vintage and mordern elements in her clothing has always been Blair’s signiture style. The Ivalde advert gift 7, Yelena, seem perfect for this occasion. I was in love with it the minute i saw it on Ding’s lovely blog. The texture was simply lovely, imitating a glitter-ing coat. The collar, skirt and sleeves are scrulpted increased my love for it tenfolds. I love it when designers make full use of scrulpted prisms and admire them for their ability in making scrupties. I’ve ever read some tutorials about it and trust me, its no easy feat getting that “ball” into such delicate and lovely shapes. This coat would definitely find its way to the closet of Miss Waldorf. Its a pity the coat isn’t avaliable anymore for those who missed it. *sad face*

In order to balance the skirt, I did not wear all the upper arm prims,the base prim and shrunk the lower arm prisms to get a “tight fit”. The skirt contributes to the “mordern” aspect of this look. The “skirt” is a modification of a cupcake dress prim that I did eons ago. In summary what I did was removed the bottom 2 layers of ruffles, move them downwards and fit it nicely to the waist area. Oh, and I shorten the length of the glitch pants provided. I highly recommend good prim modification skills before attempting this feat. Oh, and make sure you have at least 150 prisms avaliable for the skirt to rez :) Ooohh the shoes! I found them in my inventory while searching for boots? Its a old limited freebie from the shop laughing academy I got in my early days… I fell in love with the gold buttons on the sides. Lovely Lovely! I’m not sure if the shop is still around though. Its one of those shops you tp in for nice stuff and never go back again. bleh! shame on this blogger :(




Hair: ETD Vasha

Jacket: ~Ivalde ~7 Adventgift*Yelena*

Scarf: AOHARU – BT_RibbonCollarDress (neck ribbon)

Skirt: Glitter Dress (Silver) (modified)

Tights: GypsySoul – Holiday (tights)

Shoes: *la* Jeweled Venetian Lace Boot


Ps. Slurl page isn’t exactly updated to date yet. In the meantime,  if you cant find anything, feel free to leave a comment or IM us in world. We’re try our best to help you!

Aoharu Sale

January 11, 2009


For the 1st time in my SL life, aoharu is having a sale!

Here’s the details i copied from the official blog:


Half Price Sale Term
Start : 2009.01.10 (SLT5:30AM)
End : 2009.001.17 (SLT11:00PM)


Why are you still here shoo! Ps. Its a really laggy sim so you might wanna just put on a tank and jeans and leave the prims at home. Remember the laggy sims courtesy rule :) I’ll be back tmr with my purchases and outfits :P Aoharu has literally burned a big fat hole in my Lindens wallet :( That’s all for now! Night!