Vested Up

January 9, 2009

Ok here we go, Blog style picture. Feels rather weird not editing the pic till it become unrecognizable for once.

I decided to dress with my mood of  lethargy yesterday. This style is rather casual, perfect for school type :P Continuing my love for prim jacket is the runoruno vest. This isn’t a new release but yesterday was the only day I had patience to rez her entire store. Lag *groans* You never go wrong with black, or rather this was the only colour avaliable LOL. RunoRuno is one of my favourite stores in SL. It passes the test for affordability, stylish-ness, High Quality with flying colours. I can hardly find anything I would pint-point about this 50L beauty. The texture flow perfectly from the neck prim to the jacket layer to the bottom prim. Fashionistas would also be thrilled by the fact that this vest is provided on all layers. Furthermore, it comes with a sleeve and sleeve-less option, with seperate and unique prisms for both styles. 2 for the price of 1. Forgive me for having nothing but praise for this store.

The shoes are a great find by Jim from this little store House of Curious. This shop mainly sells furnitures but has a small selection of shoes near the back of the store. Can you believe that this pair of beauty is only 10L and is scripted to change 10 colours. Cheap and perfect! Plus it saves inventory space! The double Whoopee!

Ps. Is this format of picture okay? Let me know it comments.. Arigatou! SLurl page will go up soon. Promise!




Hair: Mirai Style – Kely Black (Hair Fair 2008)

Vest: ~*RunoRuno*~ Sleeveless Zipper Jacket

Tank: MichaMi GlamTank in DarkBrown

Jeans: WoE GRJ-F3c Luce Jeans- Skinny – Christmas Wash

Arm Warmers: Maitreya ArmWarmer Black

Leg Warmers: Ce Cubic effect Leg warmer Knit(Off_white) (tinted) (Psst: If you are saving Lindens, I highly recommend buying the off white to tint. You can get any colour except black and the really dark colours. :P)

Shoes: HOC – Chunky Stiletto


2 Responses to “Vested Up”

  1. angelllina tedeschi Says:

    oh this is a perfect blog entry LOL (at my advice). pic IS edited what are you moaning?! *_* and it’s so cool what you write in your descriptions. <3 & xxx

  2. Tomoyo Breitman Says:

    Noooo its just the addition of backgrounds hahaz… not counted as edited pics LOL. Aww thanks! Its just rambles lolx..
    you haven added ur entry :(

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