Tomoyo+Waldorf=Tomodorf :P

January 9, 2009

Gossip Girl was the reason I came to SL. The whole bitchy advert CW posted on youtube, “living the SL gossip girl life”, just intrigued me.. though there is too much drama now and its giving me a headache…

I recived this dress from the Canimal Lucky Chair. (Thanks MTC for the tp!) When i put it on, the tie painted on the shirt simply reminded me of blair waldorf, the inspiration of this outfit. One thing about the dress that I really LOVED is the scrupted skirt piece, which framed the bottom/hem of the skirt perfectly w/o any adjustment. The top comes in both jacket and shirt layers, with or w/o tie. The canimal lucky chair is an excellent wait, though it seems to favour C, X, F..

I think its a well known fact Blair and Headbands, just like vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce (yummy!), is an excellent combination. Magika is a shop where I go for good quality, cute/anime styles and their Gift for the 2008 PoE hunt was awesome with the dress. This when i got bored searching of waldorf-ish like style and injected my own style into it, creating a look that seem rather cute yet stylish in my opinion. (Psst.. almost every other blog has/is doing some type of gossip girl tribute. I’m sure you can find one to really look like the GG Ladies!)




*Rolls Credits*

Hair: Magika Hair – Peace & Love (PoE gift)

Jacket: AOHARU – SailorCollarJacket_Black

Dress: Canimal – Heresy (Pink) (Lucky Chair Gift)

Scarf: Maeva – Aditu Scarf [sand] (tinted to match)

Leg Warmers: Ce Cubic effect – Leg warmer Knit(Off_white) (tinted to match)

Shoes: Style! – Black Inner Hoochie

2 Responses to “Tomoyo+Waldorf=Tomodorf :P”

  1. Ana Lutetia Says:

    you look so cute

  2. Tomoyo Breitman Says:

    Whee! thank you so much! :)

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