The TaiTai Way

January 8, 2009

It has been long since I last updated. The new semester has been hectic so far. Well, I’ve been dressed like this for the past 2 days. Hahaz, i feel its rather tai tai-ish (translation: taitai = rich women tt sit around at home), with the bolero over the dress. Well, it looked more tai-tai-ish with the zero style pris but I opted for a detour hair in an attempt to look “younger”.

The Bolero is from our all time favourite store (ok after maitreya and armidi and MMS :P), Ce Cubic Effect. This bolero is a gift from the current winter CSR. (THANKS  JUNZ!) It is simply perfect. I loved how it was able to cover the cupcakes dress fully. Not maybe “jackets” are able to do this and I often find myself moaning about jackets tt appear weird over dresses due to the prim. Thank goodness for prisms. I wish more designers would make nice prim jackets that aren’t that “bulky” though :D The texture is stunning as usual, “conveying” clearly the “knitted texture” of the bolero. A word of warning though, my friend ever complained to me that the bolero arm parts seem too big for her. Though I’m not sure what the reason is, if you don’t like outfits that fit loosely, perhaps the bolero may not be suitable for you?   This said, my opinion is that this bolero is too good to miss. So…if you haven’t started on CSR, hurry!Remember, you have till the 18th of Jan. The dress from M&R cupcakes is one of my favourite from their collection. It was a gift from their opening hunt (Bless the ever generous Mimi and Rosemary..) I love the prim skirt on this particular dress, how it flows. The colour is stunning and right up my alley. Yea, I’m a sucker for dresses that aren’t poofy and aren’t gowns :P

As an ending note, I’ll try to upload at least 2-3 times a week. Ange pointed out I should take more basic unedited shots for the blog hahaz. I’ll get to that tomorrow. For now, I’m off shopping with my kaki (translation: clique)…

Ps. Don’t mind the blog header.. I haven’t come round doing it yet :P





Bolero: !Ce Cubic effect BOLERO (CSR Winter Gift)

Dress: *CUPCAKES – Holly Dress

Hair: Detour – Luna

Shoes: SKG – Marie FH Pointed Pumps – Pecan

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