This post is a necessity!

January 2, 2009


1st post and the time for the compulsory mug profile. The name is tomoyo, or tomato as my kaki’s buds jokingly started calling me after a typo error one fateful night at 2am. Came to SL after reading too much wikipedia entries, got soaked into the whole fashion world, avidly reading blogs before deciding to start my own after partying too much over new year day. One part of the brain is going ” YOU ARE MAD! You can hardly keep up with a RL blog, 3 for the record, and now one more for SL…”, the other is going “One more ‘project’ on top of the ever growing pile of school work wont’s hurt”… yea we’re see… tsk tsk…

SL has allowed me to play virtual barbie and this blog will record my “adventures”. The photos posted would most likely be heavily edited, as this blog would encourage me to keep flickr alive with “magazine styled like pictures”, the effect I would be aiming for. Consider yourselves warned :)

<3 Tomato

Ps. Sorry you have one more blog to read, SL blogs are appearing fast and at an alarming rate :P

2 Responses to “This post is a necessity!”

  1. angelllinatedeschi Says:

    YAY!!!! much better this layout! anyway…need more time…gimme more time!!! >_<

  2. Tomoyo Breitman Says:

    LOL.. RELAX! yay i figured black was much much much nicer! yay!

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