European Dreams

January 29, 2009

Between Chinese New Year (happy MOOOO year!), assignments and getting addicted to twilight fanficition, i hardly had time or the mood to update last week. Sorry for the delay. While posting, I have a sudden craving to go to europe! hahaz.. and hear british accents :P No offence but I think the Londeners drawls *swoons at robert pattinson:)* has the cutest drawls in the world. *dreamy eyes* Well, they speak perfect-o english hehez. Perhaps that’s the draw? Before I cannot resist the temptation to drown myself in twilight fanfictions again (I’m reading one called Bella Hale which is soo good!), I’ll leave you with an outfit to work your way through the SL shopping streets.. tata!




Hair: >TRUTH< Morgan (Best hair with cap ever!!)

Jacket: AOHARU – ShinyDownJK_Beige (ps. If you bought a version that did not inclue the female prisms, IM machang with your transaction details and she would send you the female version)

Vest: {Gisaci} Cambridge Knit Vest – Black

Sweater: **DP**yumyum:romantic sweater/navy (part of 2009 lucky bag)

Jeans: [VG Republic] ‘Female Dollarbie Denim’

Belt: ::: B@R ::: (Girl) Black Santa Belt (Pelvis) (modified) (Xmas ’08 hunt gift)

Boots: *bf*oxxo08 (previous hunt gift)

I got sick of dressing winter. So this one is for SEA and Aussie friends out there :D

I was just hanging out in Reiko’s backyard the other day, but I looked like I’m dress for a summer party on the beach :P Hahaz. I’m like forever overdressed for occasions in SL. Nothing much to write since my brain seem dead today.  As usual, lots of layering in this outfit. I wish LL would give us one more top and bottom clothing layers. It would be Layering Heaven! ( * _ * )

Sorry guys, this is a photoshopped pic cause I was bored before lecture.



Hair: ETD- Charley Blond

Tube: (RB) Body Con Is Not Dead in Royal Signiture

Belt: ~silentsparrow~  bird on a wire waist cincher (group freebie)

Jacket: Luna mcMillan – Painte me in black Jacket

Shorts: ZC :  1 Mitya shorts *black*

Necklaces: Shampoooo – Clock Necklace & *UnTone* – snowdrop-yuki no hana- necklace

Braiding Up

January 21, 2009


The Aohary Military Jacket –   my favourite coat since I got it from the lucky chair a few months back. It clungs to the body and is the only downjacket so far that isn’t really bulky(?). Oh well, I love it!

The Aden Group Gift Lara Braid – Woot! It attaches to spine, meaning I can use it with any hair I possess. Well, any thing that fits, making this style, and all other aden styles the most versatile hair in SL.

The Artilleri Advert Gift Skirt – Lovely.. but remember your undies or your bottom will be frozen in the cool winter breeze *hehehez*

I wanted to finally use these 3 items in my inventory and ta-da! Hope you enjoy it :) ( Ps. Pardon the cheesy writing)




Hair: Truth – Jasmine (Note: Truth Sale is on now!)

Braid: Aden – Lara Braid (group gift)

Cap: (Part of) ETD- Janine

Jacket: (Part of) AOHARU – MilitaryCoat_Brown

Arm Warmers: (Part of) Maitreya ArmWarmer (tinted Red)


Skirt: /artilleri/ “I’ll be your gift” skirt (slightly tinted)

Shirt: ::C’est la vie !:: pucci dress(Rose)

Boots: *Kookie* Muggy Cupcake Freebies

Truth Hair Deals!

January 20, 2009

WOOT! I’m finally in SL! (Meaning : ange can stop covering her ears to block out my moanings.) Thank you everyone who took time to comment and tried to help. It was a LL server issue I believe hahaz.. hopefully I can retain the ability to log in from now on :)

Nothing much today, just a quick post to alert you guys about Truth Hair Sale. Here’s the info from the NC:


Regular/tip packs 50L
Fat Packs 300L

End Date: 2/25/2009 (Thanks Ding for the info)


It seem to be the same deal as the “clearence” sale last year. Mmhm, I’m not really a great fan of truth but have spotted a few styles that totally screams “buy me”. Do check the shop before the deal ends!! Its a great deal where the prices are ridiculously cheap, me likey sales. Plus, hairs are great way to change the look of an outfit :)

On the side note, /me really love Jan exceptionally much this year, with sales, new year parties and CHINESE NEW YEAR which is coming next week!!!

Regular fashion blogging will resume tmr :)

A Plea For Help

January 16, 2009

I’ve been asking for help all over the place, especially ange lolx, but my issue is still not solved. Basically, I am locked out of SL. I can’t finish loading the game. It just freezes at the “connecting to region” screen of the loading part. It has been like that for close, if not more than 36 hrs now. The last time it happened, I was able to log in the next day. But this time nothing. I’m pretty sure I’m not frozen cause ange checked for me and I log out properly. I tried logging in at different regions, reinstalling, changed the computer but to no avail. I’m still locked out. Really Really upset right now. Tia, whom I met through the SL forums is having the same problems as me. We submitted tickets and Tia got an answer 1st:

There’s a possibility that the region you’re attempting to log into in Second Life is down for a few minutes (it might be restarting). If Second Life just crashed or you were disconnected, it’s possible you’re attempting to log in from a bad location.

Try changing your login location and log in again.

If you’re running a firewall or firewall/internet security software, it may have a security warning in the background that’s interrupting Second Life’s login process. You may have to reconfigure or disable this third-party software to use Second Life.

If you’re using wireless networking, you may want to try a wired connection.

During periods of high activity, the login process may pause during Connecting to Region. In this case, wait for Second Life to return to the Login screen, or display an error message.

You might also try uninstalling Second Life, then installing it again from [url][/url], to remove any temporary files that might affect the login process.

Totally WTF! Lets see, we tried logging in at different locations, still stuck. We tried reinstalling, still stuck. Pretty sure it has nothing to do with our computers or internet connection. It gets stuck at connecting to region for 3 hrs before we finally give up and restart the programme. I bet if I leave it on for 24 hrs, the outcome will still be the same. Definitely not firewall cause my firewall has always been on when I play SL w/o any effects? To be on the safe side, I tried and its still not working. :(

We’re pissed. Since the lindens are entirely useless, (bleh are they uni grads or not? Lacking of critical thinking and analysis skills much? Come on you invented the programme, surely you have a backdoor just in case? Bleh its not like biology where there’s unknown bacteria roaming around. Come on, SL is man-made! /me is feeling super sacarstic.), I’m asking anyone who have information and insights on this problem to please leave a comment. I’m really frustrated and pissed and sad… :( The thread Tia opened is here.

/me really wanna get back to blogging (lookbook has inspired me alot!), start on the pic for freak show and do that photoshoot for jiro and sheepie *sadface*

So please, help?  THANKS!

Fur Cap Love

January 13, 2009

Alrighty guys, I haven’t finished this aoharu sale but have been walking around in this outfit, inspired by the aoharu fur cap, for a few days now… so I thought I share 1st. The fur cap.. what can I say? ITS FINALLY MINE!! YAY!! 2 hrs of search and lots of moaning, sheepie finally located the whereabouts of this little cutie. I saw a cap like this in nu you, aka the taiwan magazine I’m obssess with, a while ago, on thir cover model, vivian hsu (who is a GREAT singer btw) and wanted this added to my virtual closet. I remembered aoharu have a cap like this but didn’t manage to drag myself there till the sale :P

As mentioned, this perfecto cap inspired the rest of the outfit. The magazine showed the hat in a casual light, but I wanted something chic and yet girly at the same time. I found the cupcakes suspender set skirt lying about my inventory and thought it was the perfect skirt for this look. Yes, this skirt has been blogged numerous of times. Yet, I would continue to agree that this perfectly scrupted item is a great basic, high waisted skirt and an essential to our virtual inventory. The yellow belt which came with the set greatly brightens the dull, brown-ish outfit colour. Checks are an “in thing” for this winter season and the domani brown jacket from bijou, a freebie I believe, matched perfectly. I particularly love the cuffs of this set. Can’t believe its a freebie. (A big thankyou to bijou owners here.). The necklace is from shampoo during the footprint hunt and it adds a reminisence feel to the outfit, in theme with the fur cap. Maitreya soho boots and a complementary knee length socks completed the look.

*Remember, the aoharu sale ends this sunday, 17/1 and CSR ends 18/1.




Hair: =TEKUTEKU= 2008 autumn freebie-hair  (smoky beige)

Cap: AOHARU – FluffyHat_Brown

Jacket: :bijou: Domani jacket [Brown set]

Scarf: [gisele] enroulent/ecru drape (tinted)

Skirt + Belt: M&R Cupcakes Modern Suspender Set – Yellow/Brown

Boots: Maitreya – Soho Boots

Socks: Maitreya – Toeless Slouch Brown

Necklace: Shampoooo Clock Necklace (FootPrint Hunt)

A Hint of Vintage

January 11, 2009

This look isn’t exactly new. Well, its outdated by a couple of days cause i was simply lazy to blog. Again, the inspiration is non other than out little gossip girl vixen, Blair.

Mixing vintage and mordern elements in her clothing has always been Blair’s signiture style. The Ivalde advert gift 7, Yelena, seem perfect for this occasion. I was in love with it the minute i saw it on Ding’s lovely blog. The texture was simply lovely, imitating a glitter-ing coat. The collar, skirt and sleeves are scrulpted increased my love for it tenfolds. I love it when designers make full use of scrulpted prisms and admire them for their ability in making scrupties. I’ve ever read some tutorials about it and trust me, its no easy feat getting that “ball” into such delicate and lovely shapes. This coat would definitely find its way to the closet of Miss Waldorf. Its a pity the coat isn’t avaliable anymore for those who missed it. *sad face*

In order to balance the skirt, I did not wear all the upper arm prims,the base prim and shrunk the lower arm prisms to get a “tight fit”. The skirt contributes to the “mordern” aspect of this look. The “skirt” is a modification of a cupcake dress prim that I did eons ago. In summary what I did was removed the bottom 2 layers of ruffles, move them downwards and fit it nicely to the waist area. Oh, and I shorten the length of the glitch pants provided. I highly recommend good prim modification skills before attempting this feat. Oh, and make sure you have at least 150 prisms avaliable for the skirt to rez :) Ooohh the shoes! I found them in my inventory while searching for boots? Its a old limited freebie from the shop laughing academy I got in my early days… I fell in love with the gold buttons on the sides. Lovely Lovely! I’m not sure if the shop is still around though. Its one of those shops you tp in for nice stuff and never go back again. bleh! shame on this blogger :(




Hair: ETD Vasha

Jacket: ~Ivalde ~7 Adventgift*Yelena*

Scarf: AOHARU – BT_RibbonCollarDress (neck ribbon)

Skirt: Glitter Dress (Silver) (modified)

Tights: GypsySoul – Holiday (tights)

Shoes: *la* Jeweled Venetian Lace Boot


Ps. Slurl page isn’t exactly updated to date yet. In the meantime,  if you cant find anything, feel free to leave a comment or IM us in world. We’re try our best to help you!

Aoharu Sale

January 11, 2009


For the 1st time in my SL life, aoharu is having a sale!

Here’s the details i copied from the official blog:


Half Price Sale Term
Start : 2009.01.10 (SLT5:30AM)
End : 2009.001.17 (SLT11:00PM)


Why are you still here shoo! Ps. Its a really laggy sim so you might wanna just put on a tank and jeans and leave the prims at home. Remember the laggy sims courtesy rule :) I’ll be back tmr with my purchases and outfits :P Aoharu has literally burned a big fat hole in my Lindens wallet :( That’s all for now! Night!

Tomoyo+Waldorf=Tomodorf :P

January 9, 2009

Gossip Girl was the reason I came to SL. The whole bitchy advert CW posted on youtube, “living the SL gossip girl life”, just intrigued me.. though there is too much drama now and its giving me a headache…

I recived this dress from the Canimal Lucky Chair. (Thanks MTC for the tp!) When i put it on, the tie painted on the shirt simply reminded me of blair waldorf, the inspiration of this outfit. One thing about the dress that I really LOVED is the scrupted skirt piece, which framed the bottom/hem of the skirt perfectly w/o any adjustment. The top comes in both jacket and shirt layers, with or w/o tie. The canimal lucky chair is an excellent wait, though it seems to favour C, X, F..

I think its a well known fact Blair and Headbands, just like vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce (yummy!), is an excellent combination. Magika is a shop where I go for good quality, cute/anime styles and their Gift for the 2008 PoE hunt was awesome with the dress. This when i got bored searching of waldorf-ish like style and injected my own style into it, creating a look that seem rather cute yet stylish in my opinion. (Psst.. almost every other blog has/is doing some type of gossip girl tribute. I’m sure you can find one to really look like the GG Ladies!)




*Rolls Credits*

Hair: Magika Hair – Peace & Love (PoE gift)

Jacket: AOHARU – SailorCollarJacket_Black

Dress: Canimal – Heresy (Pink) (Lucky Chair Gift)

Scarf: Maeva – Aditu Scarf [sand] (tinted to match)

Leg Warmers: Ce Cubic effect – Leg warmer Knit(Off_white) (tinted to match)

Shoes: Style! – Black Inner Hoochie

Vested Up

January 9, 2009

Ok here we go, Blog style picture. Feels rather weird not editing the pic till it become unrecognizable for once.

I decided to dress with my mood of  lethargy yesterday. This style is rather casual, perfect for school type :P Continuing my love for prim jacket is the runoruno vest. This isn’t a new release but yesterday was the only day I had patience to rez her entire store. Lag *groans* You never go wrong with black, or rather this was the only colour avaliable LOL. RunoRuno is one of my favourite stores in SL. It passes the test for affordability, stylish-ness, High Quality with flying colours. I can hardly find anything I would pint-point about this 50L beauty. The texture flow perfectly from the neck prim to the jacket layer to the bottom prim. Fashionistas would also be thrilled by the fact that this vest is provided on all layers. Furthermore, it comes with a sleeve and sleeve-less option, with seperate and unique prisms for both styles. 2 for the price of 1. Forgive me for having nothing but praise for this store.

The shoes are a great find by Jim from this little store House of Curious. This shop mainly sells furnitures but has a small selection of shoes near the back of the store. Can you believe that this pair of beauty is only 10L and is scripted to change 10 colours. Cheap and perfect! Plus it saves inventory space! The double Whoopee!

Ps. Is this format of picture okay? Let me know it comments.. Arigatou! SLurl page will go up soon. Promise!




Hair: Mirai Style – Kely Black (Hair Fair 2008)

Vest: ~*RunoRuno*~ Sleeveless Zipper Jacket

Tank: MichaMi GlamTank in DarkBrown

Jeans: WoE GRJ-F3c Luce Jeans- Skinny – Christmas Wash

Arm Warmers: Maitreya ArmWarmer Black

Leg Warmers: Ce Cubic effect Leg warmer Knit(Off_white) (tinted) (Psst: If you are saving Lindens, I highly recommend buying the off white to tint. You can get any colour except black and the really dark colours. :P)

Shoes: HOC – Chunky Stiletto